Gradyent’s impactful journey: revolutionizing district heating

Empowering Innovation and Energy Transition

In recent years, Gradyent, a software company based in Zuid-Holland and backed by the regional Energy Innovation investment fund ENERGIIQ under the management of InnovationQuarter, has become a key player in optimizing district heating systems. Gradyent doesn’t just serve prominent heating companies within the Netherlands; it’s also expanding its global clientele. Thanks to the unwavering support of InnovationQuarter’s internationalization department, Gradyent has successfully ventured into the forefront of district heating innovation, exemplified by its latest significant contract with Danish Viborg Varme, marking a milestone in expanding to Denmark through this partnership. Moreover, Gradyent is now also making strides in the realm of industrial heating, broadening its impact on the energy transition.

Transforming district heating: Gradyent’s sustainable solution

About half of the world’s growing energy consumption is attributed to heating, and out of that, roughly half is used for heating and cooling buildings. To make the energy transition work effectively, it’s essential to optimize District Heating grids. However, many of these systems still rely on outdated software and management methods, which slow down progress in terms of efficiency, innovation, and optimization. Gradyent’s real-time Digital Twin offers an innovative solution, empowering heating companies to boost the sustainability and profitability of their district heating systems. This plays a crucial role in speeding up the global shift toward cleaner energy sources.

Role of InnovationQuarter: powering Gradyent’s venture         

InnovationQuarter has been supporting Gradyent’s growth over the last years. Positioned at the heart of Zuid-Holland’s energy and heat ecosystem, Gradyent recognized the significance of energy transition with the help of artificial intelligence in the region. In 2020, ENERGIIQ, along with co-investors, invested €1.9 million in Gradyent, fueling the company’s software development and commercialization efforts. Furthermore, in late 2022, ENERGIIQ secured another substantial funding round, marking a significant milestone. Moreover, InnovationQuarter has assisted Gradyent through introductions to potential clients and fellow growth-oriented companies, and supported Gradyent’s  expansion beyond national borders.

Advancing the energy transition beyond the Dutch borders      

Supported by InnovationQuarter’s internationalization team, Gradyent has made significant strides in various international markets, including the Nordics. Notably, Gradyent participated in the Dutch-Nordic Market Access Program, a collaborative initiative developed by InnovationQuarter and partner organization Cleantech Scandinavia. The company also actively engaged in trade missions to Denmark and Sweden in 2022, maintaining consistent communication with our colleague, Anne de Vries, for tailored support.

Hervé Huisman, CEO & Co-Founder Gradyent:

“InnovationQuarter helped us become familiar with the Danish District heating market and several potential partners and customers in Denmark, which was an important push that helped us successfully enter the market.”

In addition to the involvement in the Nordics, InnovationQuarter also extended support to Gradyent through the Global Market Entry Program. This collaborative effort with The Hague & Partners assisted Gradyent in their pursuit of international expansion in Germany. Furthermore, we joined forces during the Digital Trade Mission to Boston to delve into opportunities within the US market.

Venturing forward together: Gradyent’s strategic partnership with Viborg Varme        

Recently Gradyent proudly announced a long-term partnership with Viborg Varme, a Danish energy company serving 11,000 customers with a total heat consumption of 300GWh. In a joint press release, Viborg Varme underscores the pivotal role of digitalization in realizing the transformation and control of the future heating grid. By harnessing the flexibility within the system, Viborg Varme has chosen to collaborate with Gradyent and implement the Digital Twin technology.

Anne de Vries, one of InnovationQuarter’s team members who offered support to the company, commends Gradyent’s remarkable journey, stating,

“It’s inspiring to witness how Gradyent has established itself as a prominent force in digitalizing district heating, both within and beyond the Netherlands. It has been a pleasure to support Gradyent on their transformative journey over the past years.”

Unlocking business opportunities in the Netherlands and beyond   

If your company is poised for international expansion and you seek to explore how InnovationQuarter can bolster your growth, we invite you to reach out to Anne de Vries. Together, we can chart a path towards a sustainable and innovative future in the energy sector. Investment Manager Mathijs van Rijk can provide you with further details regarding the investment in Gradyent and all sorts of energy investment cases. For any other inquiries related to AI and the energy transition, you can reach out to our business development team.

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Anne de Vries

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