InnovationQuarter is the regional economic development agency for the Province of Zuid-Holland, also known as the greater Rotterdam – The Hague area. Our mission is to strengthen the regional economic structure by stimulating the innovation potential of this unique delta region. In close collaboration with all major corporations and many SME’s, educational and research institutes as well as government organisations, we align the efforts required to design a brighter tomorrow.

The greater Rotterdam – The Hague area,
a unique delta region in the Netherlands

Our planet is faced with numerous challenges. To answer them effectively, we need to join forces and exchange our expertise. Who better to take the lead than a region that has been transforming challenges into opportunities for centuries? A region that can offer proven solutions to be shared with the world.

Take the greater Rotterdam – The Hague area, the highly-urbanised delta region in the western part of the Netherlands. For hundreds of years, this unique delta has managed to fend off both river and sea. By responding to challenges with effective solutions, we have become a hotbed for collaboration and innovation. A real-life testing ground that inspires metropolitan areas across the globe. The greater Rotterdam – The Hague area, the gateway to Europe. Open to the world.

Within this international entrepreneurial ambiance, InnovationQuarter offers opportunities for doing business in the greater Rotterdam – The Hague area.

InnovationQuarter offers great opportunities

Within this international entrepreneurial ambiance, InnovationQuarter offers great opportunities for doing business in the greater Rotterdam – The Hague area. We connect you with our tailor-made know-how and key networks especially in the sectors in which our region excells, such as:
  • Maritime & Harbor

    Maritime & Harbor

  • Horticulture & Food

  • Aerospace

  • Life Sciences & Health

  • High Tech Systems & Materials

  • Energy

  • Circular

  • Digital Technology

  • Cybersecurity

To achieve our mission, our teams are organised around three key activities:


We support Dutch businesses with expanding to foreign markets and we support foreign businesses with settling in our region.
Interested in expanding your business to the Rotterdam – The Hague region? Explore our business ecosystem on
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  • InnovationQuarter Capital

    A fund of € 143 million for investments in disruptive startups & scale-ups with high technological risk and a need for patient capital.


    A fund for financing the commercialization of proven energy innovations that leads to CO2 reduction. The € 35 million fund is powered by the Province of Zuid-Holland.


    A € 47 million seed fund, focused on the proof-of-concept phase to bridge the riskiest phase from concept to promising business. UNIIQ is powered by the European Union.

  • Energy Transition Fund Rotterdam

    A € 100 million investment fund that finances disruptive companies and sustainable projects that realise CO2 reduction, improvement of air quality and a reduced use of raw materials.


InnovationQuarter facilitates (international) collaboration between innovative entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes and government. Our Business Development team acts as independent process directors which provide knowledge and expertise and facilitates network opportunities. In fulfilling this role, we are constantly in touch with major corporates, young technology companies and knowledge insti­tutes.
We remain informed of the latest technological developments, and translate them into ideas for innovations. An important added value of Business Development lies in the realization of cross-sectoral innovations: connecting innovative solutions with social impact from different sectors.
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