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Dutch Companies Explore Sustainable Building & Energy System Opportunities in Copenhagen

In November 2022, a group of 12 Dutch companies involved in sustainable construction and urban energy systems visited Copenhagen for a two-day trip centered around networking and knowledge exchange with Danish stakeholders. The trip was organized as part of a roadmap signed earlier in the year, with the goal of helping companies in the sustainable building and energy systems sector expand to the Nordic countries.

On the first day of the visit, the delegation received in-depth information about the market in Copenhagen from architecture firm Arkitema. The companies were able to discuss various topics, including the upcoming decarbonization guidelines and project opportunities, during intimate roundtable sessions. Following this, the group took a tour of the Carlsbergbyen Byen area, where they learned about the history, planning and construction process, and future designs for the region. They also had the opportunity to see firsthand how Copenhagen is continuing to innovate and received an insider view of the project process from BAM. The day concluded with a high-level stakeholder dinner at a local restaurant, where Danish stakeholders were personally invited to join and were welcomed by the Dutch deputy ambassador in Denmark and the Danish partner CopenhagenCapacity.

On the second day, the delegation attended the Building Network Construction Conference. The conference featured a variety of interesting project presentations, and there was plenty of time for networking, including “speed-dating” sessions and the opportunity to invite stakeholders to the Dutch corner for sit-down conversations.

I can recommend a trip like this to all Dutch companies who are trying to build relationships in Scandinavia.

 – Arjan Exel, Think Project

I love it! At the BNCC I met new contacts, new people, new business which want to work together for a sustainable future. I felt honoured to present the circulair measures in mantainance of the Dutch highways. see you next year!

– Miriam Frosi, Rijkswaterstaat

Long-term ambition Sustainable Building & Energy Systems 

This mission was organized as part of a roadmap signed earlier in the year, with the goal of helping companies in the sustainable building and energy systems sector expand to the Nordic countries. The roadmap and mission were developed by InnovationQuarter in collaboration with FME, the Dutch Embassy in the Nordics, and RVO.

The long-term ambition of this roadmap is to help companies in the field of sustainable building and energy systems expand to the various Nordic countries. This mission contributed to that ambition through a variety of activities during the two-day visit, including networking and knowledge exchange with Danish stakeholders, as well as the opportunity to attend the Building Network Construction Conference and meet with potential partners and clients. By bringing together a diverse group of companies and facilitating connections with key stakeholders in the Nordic region, the mission created opportunities for collaboration, partnerships, and business growth.

Important to note with regards to opportunities for Dutch companies is that in 2023, a requirement for LCA calculation is set to be introduced in Denmark, which means that companies will be required to conduct an LCA for their products or services in order to understand and quantify their environmental impacts. This will enable companies to identify areas where they can reduce their environmental footprint and make more sustainable choices. Innovations that contribute to a lower LCA score – meaning they have a smaller environmental impact – may potentially have a competitive advantage in the market, as consumers and businesses become increasingly conscious of the environmental impacts of the products and services they purchase.

Does your company offer a solution in the field of sustainable construction and/or energy systems? Want to meet other entrepreneurs with the same ambitions and collaborate?
More activities are coming up in the next months so please get in touch with us!

Tiffany Meijer

Tiffany Meijer

Projectmanager Internationalisering
Anne de Vries

Anne de Vries

Senior Projectmanager Internationalisering Energie & Circulair