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Dutch solutions driving energy transition and digitalisation in the utility sector

At the end of 2022 InnovationQuarter has joined forces with Stichting Dutch Power to offer a podium at Enlit Europe for Dutch renewable energy players and innovators.

Enlit Europe is one of the major trade fairs for the energy sector in Europe and the companies that joined the Dutch delegation are focussing on decentralization, digital transformation, cybersecurity, optimizing aging assets & networks, increase of renewables and power transmission.

Future-proofing sustainable energy systems

InnovationQuarter operates in the big transitions that the planet is facing, to build a future economy that is not only sustainable but also smart and secure. Creating a future-proof and more efficient energy system is a crucial part of that. Both solutions are paramount in the energy sector: digital solutions that increase the flexibility and efficiency of the energy system and cybersecurity solutions that contribute to digital resilience, privacy and sound data ownership.

Digital energy meets cybersecurity

This year at Enlit Europe a new link in our sector-focused Internationalisation activities was made between Energy and Cybersecurity by including companies from both sectors in the Dutch pavilion. During the trade mission, these companies had the chance to broaden their network and find potential international partners and clients. Participants were also able to gain information about the energy sector, evaluate if their smart grid technology and/or cybersecurity solution is a fit for the industry, and validate their strategy with global sector frontrunners in the sector.

Support of InnovationQuarter

InnovationQuarter supported the trade mission participants by enabling them to have a spot at the Dutch pavilion and by connecting them to potential partners and clients from other European countries. The companies themselves also scheduled excellent meetings. Overall, the Dutch Pavilion really stood out to delegates at Enlit.

Get in touch!

Are you an SME active in the energy or cybersecurity sector with the ambition to scale up internationally? Join us at one of our upcoming events and activities. In June 2023, we will participate at CIRED in Rome and in November 2023 at Enlit in Paris. Both events will enable you to meet with a large number of high-end professionals in the Energy sector.

Anne de Vries

Anne de Vries

Senior Projectmanager International Trade, Energie & Circulair
Martine Koole

Martine Koole

Projectmanager International Trade, Cybersecurity