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Project 2Tokens to develop roadmap tokenisation

2Tokens project aims to clarify the path to widespread and accessible usage of tokenisation, by any type of organisation, and to realise new value streams. The project is sponsored by the European union and is a joint effort of Blocklab, YES!Delft, InnovationQuarter and LIFT-OFF Partners with the endorsement of the Erasmus University, TechLeap.NL, the Dutch government and several industry players.

The usage of tokens in society goes back to antiquity and technologies such as Blockchain can dramatically reduce the cost of secure and trusted token exchange. The potential for tokenisation to disrupt existing interactions is huge – offering more efficient solutions to existing paradigms (e.g. crowdfunding, fractionalised ownership) as well as opening up whole new models for financing and collaboration.

One clear example of a use case for tokens is in funding. While crowdfunding has helped democratise funding, far too often worthwhile ventures remain unfunded. Tokens can potentially bridge the gap between organisations in need of funding and investors, who have funds available.

The implications of tokenisation are widely appreciated and various parties are re-imagining value flows and guiding behaviours within ecosystems, enabling a fairer distribution of created value. The implications affect the core of what a legal entity is – challenging currently dominant legal forms based on stock ownership to look at flexible, incentive-driven and automatic market-making approaches. Tokenisation has potential benefits across society – from businesses to public or social initiatives that may now be able to secure the investment needed to succeed.

By their nature, tokenisation initiatives will have a large network-effect – which means that there will be a large first-mover advantage. The Netherlands is well-positioned to play a leading role in this transition but needs to act quickly to capture this opportunity.

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Jacqueline Schardijn

Senior Business Developer Digital Technology