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Making the transition to animal-free innovations

We are very proud that three of our portfolio companies Toxys, Ncardia and Mimetas together with other companies from our region like Ocello, River Biomedics, Culgi, Good BioMarker Science and PLI Technologies have been included in a Dutch National bidbook with 26 start-ups and scale-ups contributing to the reduction and replacement of animal tests. During the recent Pioneer-2-Policymaker conference, the bidbook was presented to the Dutch Minister of Agriculture, Carola Schouten.

26 x better and faster without use of animalsTransition Programme animal-free Innovations (TPI)

How can we improve research in the development of medicines, food safety and chemical risks without the need for laboratory animals? Representatives from the realms of science, health care, government and industry have joined forces to answer this challenging question. Various actors are involved, and many changes are needed. We are at the start of a new transition period. Transition Programme animal-free Innovations (TPI) is aimed at accelerating the change process.

26 Dutch start-ups and scale-ups shine in the booklet ‘26x better and faster without use of animals’ published by Transition Programme for Innovation without the use of animals (TPI). The booklet aims to give Dutch companies that are working on animal-free innovations an international stage and was presented during the TPI Pioneer-2-Policymaker Conference.

Toxys proefdiervrij


Toxys develops innovative in vitro cell reporter assays for toxicological research and safety assessment of novel medicines, chemicals, cosmetics and food ingredients. They developed the ToxTracker assay for cancer hazard assessment and ReproTracker for animal-free developmental toxicity testing. With their animal free in vitro assays for genetic toxicology (ToxTracker) and developmental toxicology (ReproTracker) Toxys contributes to the 3R ambition.


Ncardia is a stem cell drug discovery and development company operating worldwide. The company develops and produces highly predictive assay systems based on human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC)-derived cardiac and neuronal (disease) models for safety and efficacy testing. By bringing human biology to the drug discovery and development pipeline, they accelerate and improve drug candidate identification and selection, reduce animal testing, and, ultimately, increase drug discovery and development efficiency.


MIMETAS develops human tissue models in organ-on-chip  devices for better and safer medicines, chemicals and food. The MIMETAS OrganoPlate® features unsurpassed scalability and ease-of-use to mimic complex physiologies of tissues and diseases, including cancer, inflammatory diseases, and neuronal diseases.

Pioneer-2-Policymaker conference

Innovative practices and policies that can improve human health and safety whilst making animal testing redundant where shared during the Pioneer-2-Policymaker conference! The Netherlands has a strong ambition to accelerate the transition towards animal-free innovations.

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