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Discovering the Gothenburg area: sustainable construction and energy systems

In the rapidly changing landscape of sustainable technology and green innovation, the opportunities and potential for advancements are endless. If your Dutch company focusses on sustainable construction and renovation, and envisions a bright future in the Nordics, learn how we explored the vibrant city of Gothenburg. It’s a region buzzing with sustainable building and energy systems, and in this article, we’ll uncover insights, connections and strategies to fuel your growth in the Swedish market.

Charting the sustainable path in Gothenburg 

Our Trade team at InnovationQuarter, led by Anne and Tiffany, has dedicated over three years to actively seek opportunities in the Nordics, especially for companies specializing in Sustainable Building & Energy Systems. Our recent journey in October 2023 led us to Gothenburg, a thriving hub in this field. The two-day program offered a wealth of knowledge and provided participants with valuable regional contacts and an understanding of the innovative initiatives in sustainable construction and energy systems. This trip was organized as part of a Roadmap Sustainable Building & Energy Systems – The Netherlands & The Nordics signed  in 2022, with the objective of assisting Dutch companies in the sustainable building and energy systems sector to expand into the Nordic countries.

This mission attracted a group of eight Dutch companies seeking to expand their horizons in a region known for its remarkable commitment to reducing the climate impact of buildings. Notably, Gothenburg aims to slash this impact by a staggering 90% by 2030. It was inspiring to learn at Business Region Göteborg AB, how local developers are not just meeting but exceeding these goals through circular practices. The future landscape of Gothenburg will undoubtedly be influenced by significant developments, including the imminent battery factory, and expected population growth, propelling the construction sector forward.

Our visit to the “Lipstick” building at Lilla Bommen solidified and deepened our understanding. This was made possible by Vasakronan, a prominent Swedish development company, which provided us with a comprehensive overview of their initiatives to mitigate the environmental impact of their existing buildings in the region. Additionally, they shed light on their approach to new projects and granted us insight into their ongoing ventures. As a highlight of the visit, we were given a guided tour of the “Lipstick” building, which presented distinctive challenges during its renovation.

Gothenburg has taken a significant step towards sustainable collaboration with a “green handshake” agreement involving 50 public and private property owners. This initiative aims to boost circular construction and foster collaboration to address shared challenges of the sector.

Fueling conversations: energy and innovation roundtables

During the mission, we engaged in insightful roundtable discussions, delving deeper into energy-related topics and societal challenges. The prospect of the city’s energy consumption doubling by 2045 sparked conversations about addressing net congestion and adapting to various societal challenges. On the other front, discussions encompassed topics ranging from climate resilience to the development of cities and societies, all while considering the diverse societal challenges at play.

The first day concluded with a visit to Johanneberg Science Park AB, where we delved into the HSB Living Lab, offering the trade mission participants valuable insights into the initiation and execution of innovation projects within the sector. We had the opportunity to interact with various project owners who presented their initiatives, allowing the delegation to pose questions and gather insights on establishing projects in the region. After a long and information-packed day, we concluded with a networking session to foster informal discussions and idea exchanges.

“Excellent organization, and the program put is in a good position to explore the potential value of flywheels in the Swedish market”.

 – Timo Pauel, QuinteQ Energy

The following day, the mission led us outside the city center to explore projects by Castellum, another prominent regional developer. Our visit included an in-depth examination of their diverse projects. There was also a strong focus on the potential advantages that collaboration between Dutch and Swedish counterparts could bring to the sector, and the critical importance of implementing new ideas and innovations in other various projects. The mission wrapped up in the afternoon. This time was dedicated to fostering one-on-one connections with individual meetings, offering companies the chance to delve into further collaboration opportunities.

Delegation members secured essential insights about the region and established crucial initial contacts in the Gothenburg area, to pave the way for their expansion ambitions in the Swedish market.

The Nordics Roadmap

The trip was organized as part of a roadmap signed in 2022, with the goal of helping Dutch companies in the sustainable building and energy systems sector expand to the Nordic countries. Over the past few years, the Dutch Embassies in the NordicsFMEInnovationQuarter, the Regional Business Development Team for the Baltics and Nordics and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) have actively promoted enhanced collaboration between Dutch and Nordic ecosystems within the field of Sustainable Building and Energy Systems. The recent mission was a latest activity within these ongoing efforts.

As we set our sights on the future…

…we’re gearing up for Nordbygg in April 2024, another thrilling opportunity to dive deeper into sustainable building and energy systems. If you’re intrigued by the possibilities and wish to join us on our next adventure, don’t hesitate to reach out. The journey has only just begun.

Does your company offer a solution in the field of sustainable construction and/or energy systems? Want to meet other entrepreneurs with the same ambitions and collaborate?
More activities are coming up in the next months so please get in touch with us!

Tiffany Meijer

Projectmanager Internationalisering

Anne de Vries

Senior Projectmanager Internationalisering Energie & Circulair