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A soft landing for VSParticle in the California Bay Area

Last week, the moment had finally arrived for Delft nanotech startup VSParticle: the start of the Soft Landing Program by InnovationQuarter, Medical Delta and UC (Berkeley) CITRIS. The Program is being implemented under a MoU signed in 2016 by the above parties in the presence of Minister Jet Bussemaker.

Een zachte landing voor VSParticle in de California Bay Area

A ‘deep dive’ into the network

VSParticle, a spin-off of TU Delft, is currently in the San Francisco Bay Area on a visit to CITRIS, an institute affiliated with the University of California. CITRIS is headquartered on the UC Berkeley campus and has bases in other locations.

The Soft Landing Program has put VSParticle in touch with top scientists in the field of Life Sciences & Health, Sensors and Microelectronics. A demonstration of VSParticle’s ground-breaking innovation at the world-renowned Marvell Nanolab is an important part of the Program.

In addition to forging valuable links in the University of California ecosystem, VSParticle is also using the Soft Landing Program to establish and follow up useful contacts that can help the company move forward in entering the US market.

Vincent Laban, CFO of VSParticle: “The Soft Landing Program has brought us in contact with the best researchers in nanotechnology and is helping us discover what issues they face and how our technology can make a difference. It will help us sharpen our business case and entry strategy for this market.”

Soft Landing Program with Digital Health Bootcamp 2018

Through the Soft Landing Program, InnovationQuarter and its partners provide a platform to companies that are serious about expanding in the US and want to test the ‘market fit’ of their product. The Program is low threshold, offers a lot of customization and gives companies the opportunity to follow up favorable contacts as well as develop and test a market-entry strategy.

The current program round has now ended. We will kick off the next round in November this year, and this will run until March 2018. This year’s edition will be preceded by a Digital Health Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, which is aimed at companies wishing to develop and fine-tune their US strategy. The Bootcamp is a potential springboard for the Soft Landing Program, but it will also be expressly open to entrepreneurs that are still exploring market opportunities in the US.

A soft landing for VSParticle in the California Bay Area

About VSParticle

VSParticle helps researchers and industrial parties create new materials from nanoparticles, with applications in Life Sciences & Health, Catalysts and Microelectronics. The TU Delft spin-off develops nanoparticle generators and sample preparation systems designed to make particles ranging in size from single atoms to 20 nm in diameter. VSParticle systems make it possible to perform rapid iterations in material research and reduce costs and waste streams in industrial applications. VSParticle is part of the YES!Delft incubation program in Delft.

Would you like to know more?

More information about the current Soft Landing Program can be found on: siliconvalley.hub2hub.biz.