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RoboValley and YES!Delft organise first European Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Accelerator

In April 2018, RoboValley and YES!Delft will organise the first European Robotics & Artificial Intelligence (AI) Accelerator Programme. The programme is a unique opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to discover the business potential of their robotics and AI ideas.

RoboValley and YES!Delft organise first European Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Accelerator

Robotics & AI Accelerator

The Robotics & AI Accelerator is a two month pressure cooker for business professionals, students, PhDs, engineers and scientists in the field of robotics and AI who want to test the commercial feasibility of their ideas. The programme helps participants to explore and validate their ideas, market potential and business model – and to launch in markets all over Europe. The programme will also introduce participants to the European Robotics and AI ecosystem, and help them develop a network of peers, experts and mentors.

RoboValley partners up with YES!Delft

Arthur de Crook, managing director RoboValley: “We are proud to host the first European Robotics & AI Accelerator Programme. Crucial in starting a successful venture in robotics is access to the right partners in industry, academia and government. RoboValley provides this access. We expect the industry to be interested in the results of the programme and we are already talking with some companies about sponsorships. In YES!Delft, one of the top incubators in Europe, we have found an experienced partner with a lot of startup expertise.”

EJ Lugt, managing director YES!Delft:  “AI and robotics are two key technologies that will have a massive impact on the world. With this programme we seek entrepreneurs who want to take their AI or robotics solution to the world. We’re looking for ambitious and passionate founders that want to create real change in the world. I’m very excited to offer new entrepreneurs this strong programme to take their company to the next level.”

The Robotics & AI Accelerator Programme takes place at RoboValley in Delft. For the first edition, RoboValley and YES!Delft aim at 10 teams from all over Europe. Information about the selection process will be made public soon.