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Boat measures water quality in Polder in Delfland

Hoogheemraadschap Delfland is the first to deploy a Platypus boat for testing water quality in the polders of Delfland. The sensor-equipped boats test the water quality faster and more accurately than traditional methods for testing water quality
Bootje brengt polder in Delfland in kaart-980x450px

Water quality is no longer tested by hand, but with a remote-controlled boat. Foto and video Hoogheemraadschap Delfland © Hoogheemraadschap Delfland

“A remote controlled boat, with sensors and measuring equipment, is sent off through the ditches in the polder to continuously measure the variations in water quality”, Miriam Klazenga, spokesman of Hoogheemraadschap Delfland explains. “For example, the boat is equipped with an instrument that measures oxygen, acidity, salinity and the temperature in the water”. With this new method, the hoogheemraadschap aims to get a grip on discharges and leakages from the greenhouse horticulture area

The high tech boat was developed by the US company Platypus from Pittsburgh. “And was made there at a local university”, says the spokesman.


Delfland is first in the Netherlands to deploy this innovative boat. “It has been deployed regularly in the US, but not yet in the Netherlands.” The project is still in a pilot phase, but will save a lot of work, according to Klazenga. At the moment, the polder is still being mapped by manual measurements. This is very labour inensive and less accurate, since we can only measure on a limited amount of locations per ditch. The Platypus boat checks the entire ditch.

Introduction on the Dutch market

American company Platypus was consulted by VanPaz in entering the Dutch / European market. Being able to successfully deploy pilots in the challenging water sector was essential to the selection of a location for their business. InnovationQuarter is supporting Platypus with presenting their business in the Dutch ecosystem. For example, Platypus presented their products to a large audience at the annual InnovationQuarter event and introduced the American CEO to Waterschap Delfland, which eventually led to this exciting result.

We are looking forward to supporting Platypus in their next steps conquering the Dutch market!

Source / AD.nl