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On Tuesday 26 September a delegation of more than 70 Ambassadors and Trade Counsellors of many Embassies in The Hague honoured The Hague Security Delta with a visit during second edition of the Cyber Security Week.

Ambassadors and Trade Counsellors visit The Hague’s Cyber Security Week

The Hague’s security hub

The visit was organised in close co-operation with TradeCouncellors.nl and InnovationQuarter. Director Marion Verboom of TradeCounsellors, Deputy Mayor Saskia Bruines and Chris van Voorden, Director Foreign Investments at InnovationQuarter, welcomed the Ambassadors at the HSD Campus.

In addition executive director Richard Franken explained how the community of businesses, governments and knowledge institutes work together on innovation and knowledge in the field of safety and security.

Core of the Dutch security cluster is the HSD Campus: the national innovation centre of the Dutch security cluster, with living labs, education and training facilities, flexible office space and meeting rooms. Businesses, governments and knowledge institutions from across the country collaborate to harvest knowledge, and develop products and services that contribute to a safer and more secure world.

Ambassadors and Trade Counsellors visit The Hague’s Cyber Security Week

The Ambassadors and their Trade Counsellors were stimulated to participate more in the Cyber Security Week next year and bring more and more companies over to The Netherlands to exchange knowledge and do business with each other. In addition the ambassadors and trade counsellors joined the seminar ‘Getting to know the Dutch Cyber Security Market’.

Ambassadors and Trade Counsellors visit The Hague’s Cyber Security Week

Cyber Security Week 2017

In the same week as the Europol – INTERPOL Cybercrime Conference and the EC-Council’s Global Cyberlympics final, a unique ‘Cyber Security Week’ is being held at several locations in the City of The Hague. From 25 until 29 September, The Hague is the hotspot for the cyber security community. Over 80 events provide the opportunity to meet key players, discuss the latest developments, share knowledge and to pitch innovative ideas for funding! The Cyber Security Week is powered by The Hague Security Delta, the leading security cluster in Europe.