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The duct tape might well still be on your prototype. It sure was the case for some companies before you, like Mayht, Qlayers, IMSystems and Kalpana. For them InnovationQuarter was the first to invest, the first to recognize their potential. We invest in disruptive technologies from the earliest stages on. In propositions that other VC’s sometimes shy away from, like hardware, deeptech, aerospace, energy and life sciences.

InnovationQuarter is one of the most active investors in The Netherlands. We fund disruptive startups & scale-ups that create a cleaner, smarter and healthier world. High risk, but also high impact. We’re a patient investor with a extensive network of over 250 co-investor and extensive inhouse knowlegde on international expansion and innovation. And we are eager to get to know you better! Please fill out the quickscan below and send us your proposition and pitchdeck, so we can get in touch.

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€ 300 million divided over 4 funds


IQCapital, with a fund size of €143 million, specializes in investing in disruptive startups and scale-ups with high technological risk that require patient capital. Our focus is on the innovative sectors in Zuid-Holland, with an emphasis on deeptech, life sciences, and high-tech. We prioritize founder-friendly approaches and offer (convertible) loans and/or share capital. Our investment philosophy combines social impact with a strong financial return, ensuring they go hand in hand.

Fund size

  • € 143 million


  • € 250.000 –
    € 5.000.000


  • Equity
  • Loan (subordinated or convertible)


  • TRL 6-9

Main focus

  • Deeptech, life sciences, hightech

UNIIQ, a proof-of-concept fund with a fund size of €29 million, accelerates the journey of entrepreneurs in Zuid-Holland by providing them with the necessary seed capital to bring their unique innovations to the market faster. We specifically target academic spin-offs and innovative startups, supporting them in navigating the most critical and risky phase from concept to a promising company. Impressively, over 58% of the startups supported by UNIIQ have successfully secured follow-on funding, totaling over €125 million in investments.

Fund size

  • € 29 million


  • € 350.000


  • Convertible loan


  • TRL 3-5  (Proof-of-Concept)

Main focus

  • Deeptech, life sciences, hightech
  • Hardware

With a fund size of €35 million, ENERGIIQ combines extensive expertise in energy transition and venture capital to drive the growth of innovative companies. Our deep understanding of the industry allows us to transform small companies into major players. Our fund specifically focuses on nurturing disruptive technologies in energy storage and conversion, aiming to make sustainable solutions more cost-effective and efficient compared to traditional fossil fuel alternatives. By leveraging breakthrough technologies such as smart materials, artificial intelligence, and data analysis, we achieve optimal output at minimal expenses, thereby accelerating the transition towards a sustainable energy landscape.

Fund size

  • € 35 million


  • € 250.000 –
    € 5.000.000


  • Equity
  • Vendor lease
  • Loan (with guarantee, subordinated or convertible)


  • TRL 6-9

Main focus

  • Energy
  • CO2 reduction

With a fund size of €100 million, the Energy Transition Fund Rotterdam provides financial support to both disruptive companies and large-scale sustainable projects that play a crucial role in driving the energy transition and promoting the circular economy. Our primary objective is to reduce CO2 emissions, enhance air quality, and minimize the consumption of raw materials. Backed by a highly experienced team with extensive knowledge in the field of energy transition and deep investment expertise, we are dedicated to fostering innovative solutions and sustainable initiatives that contribute to a greener future.

Fund size

  • € 100 million


  • € 1.000.000 –
    € 10.000.000


  • Equity
  • Vendor lease
  • Loan (with guarantee, subordinated or convertible)


  • TRL 6-9

Main focus

  • Energy, circular economy
  • CO2 reduction

From the InnovationQuarter Capital fund, we invest with a long-term focus in innovative startups and scale-ups. These companies are characterized by a driven management and a clear growth strategy. We combine social interest with financial return.

  • A professional, experienced team
  • An extensive network of investors to maximize co- and follow-on funding
  • Close in-house collaboration on international growth and innovation
  • Financial support for the long term
  • Flexible financing instruments up to € 5 million
  • Insights into the capital market
  • Organization of sector-specific international trade missions
  • Organization of sector-specific and cross-over sector events focused on business development

IQCapital invests:

  • In companies operating in one of the Hightech & Smart Materials, Horticulture, Life Sciences & Health, Cybersecurity, Aerospace, Digital Technology, Maritime & Port, Energy and/or Circular Economy
  • In companies with a strong and committed management team
  • In companies with a convincing business plan and scalable business model
  • In companies that create (social) impact in the region
  • Preferably together with reputable, private co-investors
  • Always as a minority shareholder

These companies received an investment through InnovationQuarter Capital

Companies are the key to realizing the transition to clean, sustainable energy. ENERGIIQ, Zuid-Holland’s energy innovation fund, offers a wide range of financing instruments with which we create the right conditions to maximize the growth opportunities of innovative companies.

  • Up to € 4,300,000 in venture capital
  • Tailor-made instruments and conditions
  • Access to a substantial network of reputable co-investors and (knowledge) partners
  • Proactive financial partner with deep investment experience
  • Professional institutionalized decision-making

ENERGIIQ invests in a company when:

  • The capital is used for the commercialization of the proven energy innovation
  • 50% of the total investment requirement is provided by reputable, private co-investors
  • The company has a convincing business plan and strong management
  • The company has the relevant intellectual property rights
  • The intended, substantiated CO2 reduction has repercussions in Zuid-Holland or the company is located in Zuid-Holland

ENERGIIQ, with a size of €35 million, was made available by the province of Zuid-Holland with the aim of accelerating the energy transition in the region. InnovationQuarter acts as fund manager for ENERGIIQ.

These companies have received an investment through ENERGIIQ

Proof-of-concept fund UNIIQ helps entrepreneurs in Zuid-Holland bring their unique innovation to the market faster. Academic spinoffs and innovative startups with disruptive innovations are offered the seed capital to realize their plans and bridge the most risky phase from concept to promising company.

  • Up to € 350.000 risk capital in the proof-of-concept phase
  • Availability in 3 tranches upon achievement of specific goals
  • Financing as a convertible loan that:
    • òr repayable after 3 years for a period of 3 years
    • òr converts on the valuation of a follow-up investor minus 25%
  • An interest rate of 8% (4% payable and 4% credited)
  • Support with financial and strategic issues by an experienced team
  • A network of investors and financiers for possible follow-on funding

UNIIQ invests in companies when:

  • The capital is used for the technical and market validation of an innovation
  • There is a strong and ambitious team
  • A period of at least 12 months is funded, after which raising follow-on funding (or cash flow positive growth) is feasible
  • The innovation offers unique competitive advantages, which form the basis for sustainable growth opportunities
  • The company has the relevant intellectual property rights
  • The company is located in Zuid-Holland
  • The initiators themselves take the entrepreneurial risk (no project financing) or the innovations are independent from existing companies
  • The applicant falls within the EU criteria for small and medium-sized companies

UNIIQ is made possible in part by Erasmus MC, TU Delft, Leiden University, Erasmus University, InnovationQuarter, the European Union, the Province of Zuid-Holland, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Change, Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland and the municipalities of Rotterdam, The Hague and Leiden.

These companies have received an investment through UNIIQ

The challenge of making the Rotterdam region more sustainable, reducing CO2 emissions and limiting or reusing waste streams will have to be taken up by everyone, but especially by the business community. The Energy Transition Fund Rotterdam is a €100 million investment fund that offers financing opportunities for innovative initiatives in the field of energy transition and the circular economy.

These include companies and projects that are working on the sustainability of energy generation, or infrastructure and reducing energy consumption. Or new technologies for recycling. The investment fund, with a size of € 100 million, supports companies and projects that contribute to these objectives and are active in the Rotterdam region. The fund is managed by InnovationQuarter.

  • Proactive and highly collaborative financial partner with deep investment experience
  • Tailor-made investments and terms in equity, loans and intermediate forms (mezzanine)
  • Access to a very strong network of reputable co-investors and (knowledge) partners in the region
  • Professional, fast and effective decision-making in a flat organization
  • Minimum of € 1 million and maximum of € 10 million in funding

The main conditions for funding are:

  • The company’s activities fit within the fund’s strategy in the field of energy transition or circular economy
  • Activities have sufficient societal impact on the Rotterdam area
  • The fund can finance on commercial terms and there must be a positive business case underlying an ‘investor ready’ business plan
  • The business is in the upscaling phase (TRL minimum 6) of the European Commission’s TRL definition
  • The fund focuses on capital intensive innovative companies that fail to raise money from regular financiers
  • There must be a (separate) legal entity

The Energy Transition Fund was made available by the City of Rotterdam at the end of 2020. The main objective is to accelerate the sustainability of society by reducing CO2 emissions, improving air quality, reducing the use of natural resources and also reducing or reusing waste streams.

There will be an active search for investment opportunities in, for example, the electrification of industry and transport, large-scale energy storage, hydrogen solutions, innovations in heat, solutions in the built environment et cetera. Investing in these subjects will boost the economy and also employment in the important segment of sustainability. This will also be taken into account in the investment decision.

The fund will invest primarily in capital-intensive innovative companies that find it more difficult to raise finance due to higher risks in terms of, for example, technology, capital intensity or payback period.

Our team has years of experience in venture capital, private equity and leveraged finance. We have a broad international network of private, public and informal investors.

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