The Netherlands is the most competitive EU Country

For the second year in a row, the Netherlands is among the top four most competitive countries in the world, according to findings from the World Economic Forum (WEF). Within the EU, the Netherlands scores first place, ahead of Germany and Sweden.

Blockchain platform provider KrypC Technologies opens its European office in The Hague

KrypC Technologies, a rapidly expanding global blockchain platform provider, has selected The Hague for its European head office and made it official today during the Cyber Security Week. KrypC Technologies is headquartered in the US, has its R&D-center in Bangaluru (India), and now selected The Hague for their European expansion. At the welcoming ceremony KrypC’s CEO Mr. Ravi Jagannathan was presented a welcoming plaque from Mr. Karsten Klein (Deputy Major of The Hague) to mark this festive occasion. The Ambassador of India, The Honorable Mr. Venu Rajamony gave an important speech during the ceremony that highlighted the warm ties between India and the Netherlands.

European Headquarters in The Hague for Indian cyber security firm E2Labs

Today the Hyderabad-based IT security provider E2Labs opened its first European subsidiary in The Hague, the international City of Peace, Justice & Security. E2 Labs new European office will act as its global headquarter and is positioned to leverage the powerful strategic advantages of being present in The Hague Security Delta, world’s leading security cluster. At the welcoming ceremony the Ambassador of India, The Honorable Mr. Venu Rajamony, emphasized the strong ties between India and the Netherlands. Mr. Karsten Klein, Deputy Major of The Hague, presented E2Labs’ CEO Dr. Zaki a special welcoming plaque to mark the festive occasion.

The Hague’s leading security hub welcomes UK cyber security firm CyNation

The UK Compliance & Information Security company CyNation has opened a new office in The Hague. CyNation helps organisations improve their information security and compliance posture by providing innovative, end-to-end cyber security and information compliance solutions. The company officially announced its arrival during the buzzing Cyber Security Week. CyNation’s Chairman, Steve Berry, was presented a welcome gift from InnovationQuarter’s Director of Foreign Investments Chris van Voorden during a kick-off ceremony at The Hague Security Delta.

Ambassadors and Trade Counsellors visit The Hague’s Cyber Security Week

On Tuesday 26 September a delegation of more than 70 Ambassadors and Trade Counsellors of many Embassies in The Hague honoured The Hague Security Delta with a visit during second edition of the Cyber Security Week.

CapitalFest presents 5 innovations that will change the world

The world is facing a number of major challenges, such as energy, climate, health and digital security. With enough capital, startups can solve many of these challenges. Therefore, on September 27, CapitalFest brings together hundreds of European startups with more than 100 billion private investment capital. In addition, CapitalFest presents 5 startup innovations that will change the world.

Cyber Security Week 2017 Starts

The top Dutch cyber specialists from government, businesses and knowledge institutions met this morning at The Hague Security Delta Campus for the official opening of the second edition of the Cyber Security Week. The message was loud and clear: with economic losses amounting to € 10 billion as a result of cybercrime in the past year, cyber security is one of the most urgent issues of today. Our digital resilience should be high on everyone’s agenda and this requires sufficient numbers of trained cyber security and IT-talent.

Groundbreaking Snake Venom Inspired Approach to Restore Blood Clotting in Patients Using Anticoagulants

VarmX, a Dutch, Leiden based biotech company focusing on the development of therapies in the field of hemostasis and thrombosis, today announced the publication in Nature Communications of a ground breaking LUMC study(1) on modified human factor X as a safe and effective reversal agent for prevention and treatment of bleeding in patients taking factor Xa oral anticoagulants. This new therapeutic factor X was inspired by a snake venom protein, and is the lead product in development of VarmX, a pharmaceutical LUMC spin off.

Ncardia Established Following Pluriomics Axiogenesis Merger

Ncardia has been established following the merger of Pluriomics and Axiogenesis. The privately held company with operations in Europe and the US, produces and commercializes high-quality, fully functional hiPSC derived cardiovascular and neuronal cell types and develops and realizes electrophysiology, biochemistry and contraction based assays for predictive safety pharmacology, toxicology testing and drug efficacy screenings.

Prince Constantijn van Oranje to continue his role as startup envoy of the Netherlands

The Minister of Economic Affairs, Henk Kamp, has invited Constantijn van Oranje to continue his mandate as StartupDelta’s special envoy for another year and a half.

National Geographic / This Tiny Country Feeds the World

The Netherlands has become an agricultural giant by showing what the future of farming could look like.

IBM reports record year for inward investment in the Netherlands

The Global Location Trends 2017 Annual Report, released annually by IBM, reports a record year of inward investments for the Netherlands. Holland also ranks highly for average job value of investment projects.