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IRM Systems secures capital to develop ‘IRM Smart Pipeline Data’ and accelerate international growth

IRM Systems B.V., a leading Pipeline Integrity Solutions company providing specialist services and engineering throughout the entire lifetime of pipeline systems (both onshore & offshore), has secured capital in total of € 1.5 million from amongst others the regional development agency InnovationQuarter to develop its newest, innovative product ‘IRM Smart Pipeline Data’ as well as to accelerate its international growth ambitions.
IRM Systems ontvangt kapitaal voor ontwikkeling van IRM Smart Pipeline Data en versnellen van internationale groei

Deputy Mayor Ferrie Förster from the City of Delft congratulates Rutger Schouten, founder and CEO of IRM Systems B.V.

Together with Rabobank and Brooklyn Ventures, InnovationQuarter with her IQCapital fund has completed this round to launch IRM Systems’ newest innovative product, ‘IRM Smart Pipeline Data’. ‘IRM Smart Pipeline Data’ is a software solution to support clients in predicting integrity and future failure optimally and extend the lifetime of their challenging pipeline systems whilst reducing total cost. Also, this round will support international expansion to IRM Systems’ strategic markets.

International growth & smart software

IRM Systems B.V. is actively looking to expand into to strategic markets beyond the Netherlands (Delft) and United Kingdom (Aberdeen) to amongst others USA (Houston), following their clients abroad. Secondly securing the integrity of pipeline systems’ in today’s climate of staff reductions at operators and ageing infrastructure, requires digitization and predictive data around integrity management – in particular for more challenging, or non-standard, pipeline systems. IRM Systems B.V. currently develops its smart software tool to accurately and optimally manage integrity and predict future failure on pipeline systems to further support its client base. Assisting clients to move to actually using data sets currently available on challenging pipeline systems allows these clients to increase integrity while reducing their overall cost.

IRM Systems ontvangt kapitaal voor ontwikkeling van IRM Smart Pipeline Data en versnellen van internationale groei

From left to right: Peter van der Poel (Smit en de Wolf), Karin Maliepaard (IRM Systems), Thijs Schaap (InnovationQuarter), Nienke Vledder (InnovationQuarter), Rutger Schouten (IRM Systems), Ferrie Förster (gemeente Delft), Ard Jol (Brooklyn Ventures), Francis Quint (InnovationQuarter), Hans Osnabrugge (Brooklyn Ventures), Thomas van Dusseldorp (IRM Systems)

An strategic next step

“IRM Systems is ready for a next major step. Combining regional growth initiatives in selected markets to IRM Smart Pipeline Data means that we leverage the specialist knowledge of our teams to serve more and more clients globally. That way we can reach true scale in the highly focused market segment of so-called ‘non-standard’ pipeline systems”, says Rutger Schouten, founder and CEO of IRM Systems B.V.

Hans Osnabrugge, partner of Brooklyn Ventures: “We are proud to see that the greenfield we started five years ago has grown into a global leader in its exciting niche. With this injection, the existing strong financial basis of IRM Group is leveraged to use our built knowledge and right to play towards a software solution, solving a global problem for non-standard pipelines. As Brooklyn Ventures it confirms our capabilities to globally scale startups and scale ups by our hands-on involvement.”

Unique combination of organic, international growth and innovative potential

Francis Quint, head of InnovationQuarter Capital: “With our investment in IRM Systems B.V. we aim to support successful entrepreneurs such as Rutger Schouten who built a flourishing high-added value business in Zuid-Holland (Delft) to enable their growth-ambitions. IRM Systems is a company with highly skilled employees in combination with innovative potential, through the development of IRM Smart Pipeline Data. InnovationQuarter is excited to support IRM Systems B.V. in its growth-ambitions”

Deputy Mayor Ferrie Förster from the City of Delft announced InnovationQuarter’s new investment at the Knowledge Expo Delft hosted at Buccaneer, center for innovation in energy and offshore in Delft.

EFRO / European regional development fund of the European Union