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From Shanghai to Rotterdam and back again to deliver the best healthcare to patients! Last week a large delegation led by Ahmed Aboutaleb, Mayor of Rotterdam, visited Harbour Biomed at Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in Shanghai. Harbour Biomed is a global biotech company developing innovative therapies for cancer and immune-driven diseases. During the visit Harbour BioMed and Erasmus MC signed an MoU to advance next-gen immuno-oncology and immunology drug discovery, and clinical development.

The delegation included representatives from the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Shanghai, Erasmus University Medical Center, the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, Rotterdam Partners, InnovationQuarter and several Rotterdam based companies and educational institutions.

Ahmed Aboutaleb, Mayor of Rotterdam:

“During our week in Shanghai I have witnessed great collaborations between scientists from Rotterdam working together with scientists in Shanghai to develop new methods of testing in the development of cancer treatments. Scientific cooperation goes beyond borders and as the city of Rotterdam we are happy that our Life Sciences & Health ecosystem contributes in this joint mission to provide better healthcare for people around the globe.”

Harbour BioMed and Erasmus MC sign MoU

During the celebration of the 40 years sister city relationship, Harbour BioMed and Erasmus MC signed an MoU to advance next-gen immuno-oncology and immunology drug discovery, and clinical development. Harbour Biomed expects to establish laboratory space in Rotterdam to facilitate scientific collaboration with Erasmus MC investigators across multiple departments.

Harbour BioMed has operations and R&D site in Shanghai and Suzhou, China, business operations and an innovation center including research laboratory in Boston, USA, and an antibody platform innovation center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Apart from their location in Cambridge Innovation Center in Boston, Harbour Antibodies recently opened their office in Cambridge Innovation Center in Rotterdam.

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Sasja Heijman

Senior Account Manager Life Sciences & Health
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By specializing in mathematical optimization solutions and advanced data analytics, ORTEC aims to make the world a better place. The company leverages mathematics and econometrics to improve efficiency and productivity in healthcare. InnovationQuarter is investing €5 million in ORTEC to enable the firm to accelerate its existing healthcare activities. Jeannette Baljeu, member of the Executive Council of the Province of Zuid-Holland, and Charlie Aptroot, mayor of Zoetermeer, announced the investment at the InnovationQuarter Annual Event in the Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam.

How mathematics can contribute to solutions in healthcare

Healthcare in the Netherlands is facing major challenges. Costs are rising every year due to increasing demand, many healthcare providers face staff shortages and patients expect quicker treatment. Data-driven healthcare solutions are required to tackle these issues in an integrated manner. Such solutions can improve performance by ensuring a more even patient flow through healthcare institutions and a better workload distribution among health professionals.

ORTEC has developed innovative mathematical optimization and data analytics solutions that go far beyond simple statistical analysis. Menno Brandjes, director of ORTEC Healthcare, says,

“We have been able to make hospitals 15% more productive in the areas where our solutions are applied. This means that 15% more patients are being treated using the same amount of resources. At the same time, employee satisfaction has also increased.”

Intelligent healthcare support using artificial intelligence

Value-based care, personalized care, digitization and prevention through healthy lifestyles have emerged in response to the need to reduce costs and improve quality of care. These trends within healthcare are underpinned by simplifying administrative processes, improving patient interaction with e health (blended care) and determining diagnostics based on access to an ever-growing amount of data. Artificial intelligence (AI) is vital to all of this and is playing an increasingly important role in the healthcare sector.

AI provides valuable support to healthcare professionals in their decision making by allowing them to make more insightful predictions and recommendations. ORTEC’s new healthcare initiatives are fully equipped for this and, for instance, make it possible for organizations to better focus on individual patients and subsequently analyze all relevant data. As a result, patients, healthcare practitioners and everyone involved across the entire healthcare chain receive the best possible advice and treatment.

Accelerated growth of healthcare initiatives

InnovationQuarter’s investment will help accelerate the growth of ORTEC’s new initiatives in the healthcare sector. Brandjes says ORTEC is very happy with the extra capital: “InnovationQuarter’s contribution to ORTEC’s healthcare initiatives is helping us scale up our activities more quickly. We are starting in the Netherlands and will eventually expand worldwide. ORTEC has been the market leader in the field of advanced planning software in the Dutch healthcare sector for many years. This investment will allow us to expand our offering in several areas, including integrated capacity management, support in clinical decision making, advanced data solutions for research and the integration of our communications platform for patients and staff”.

Stimulating innovation in healthcare

“Founded in West Holland and now operating across the globe, ORTEC is an outstanding, innovative company that has successfully grown to over 1,000 employees,” says Francis Quint, head of Capital at InnovationQuarter.

“With this investment, we can contribute to ORTEC’s growth ambitions in healthcare, which is an important theme in society. InnovationQuarter will utilize its network and organization to accelerate ORTEC’s expansion in this area, not only by linking with our shareholders, such as regional academic hospitals, but also by drawing on the commitment of the healthcare experts in our business development team. The investment also allows us to expand our SME portfolio and our role as a lifecycle investor in the region.”

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CybExer, a cybersecurity company from Estonia is expanding its business to the city of peace, justice and security to join the local cybersecurity ecosystem. The Hague was a natural choice for CybExer’s first international office, considering the excellent knowledge base and availability of talent. The establishment was announced in the presence of Deputy Mayor Saskia Bruines, Chris van Voorden, Head of Foreign Investments at InnovationQuarter and Joris den Bruinen, General Director of The Hague Security Delta (HSD) in London, during a side event of the Infosecurity2019 conference and exhibition  which was organized by the UK’s Department of International Trade and InnovationQuarter.

Human factors of cybersecurity

CybExer strongly believes that cybersecurity is not merely a technology issue, related to servers, routers and software. Humans at every level, starting from strategic decision makers, to technical response teams and finally the users all play a critical role in keeping the cyber environment secure. CybExer has an impressive track-record supporting organizations in generating awareness about the potential consequences of cyberattacks and the importance of proper secure IT systems, as well as day-to-day cyber hygiene at all levels in the organization. CybExer recently provided cybersecurity training to the Ministers of the Defence of all EU countries.

Continuous, on-premises cyber simulations

In response to the need of both commercial and government organizations for thorough and effective cyber resilience training, CybExer has developed a cyber battlefield simulation platform. This ‘CybExer Range Platform’ (CRP) delivers simplified, plug and play capabilities for cyber exercises and simulations in a customized, realistic environment on the clients’ premises. It allows employees to not only learn, but also simulate and challenge their cyber environment as well as develop and test improvements.

Merle Maigre, Executive Vice President for Government Relations at CybExer: ‘The Hague presents several benefits as a new location for our business, such as the vicinity to the major European economies in the Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Germany and France. The excellent reputation of The Hague Security Delta cluster and the high state of knowledge and experience of the Dutch government, the good cultural fit between Estonia and the Netherlands and the availability of talent makes us confident that this is the best location to grow our business.’

Chris van Voorden: ‘We are very happy to see that yet another cybersecurity company chooses The Hague as their place of business and it is fantastic to announce this during the Infosec 2019, where in three days the information security industry comes together with more than 400+ international exhibitors of security solutions and 19,500+ industry professionals visiting. Especially since for the first time The Netherlands has a Holland Pavilion with seven Dutch companies exhibiting.’

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Doculayer.ai, the intelligent content platform that processes and manages unstructured information, has secured €3 million in growth capital. The investment by InnovationQuarter, Disruptive Technology Ventures (DTV) and an angel investor was announced by Deputy Mayor Saskia Bruines at a side event of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2019.

Richard Smit, CEO of Doculayer.ai says, “We are extremely proud that these investors believe in our solution and vision and are supporting us in our ambition to grow and further develop the platform. More than 80 per cent of the information held by organisations is unstructured. Using AI-powered technologies, Doculayer.ai helps them automate the processing and structuring of this vast amount of unstructured data and uncover its hidden value.”

Innovative artificial intelligence

Doculayer.ai is the intelligent content platform that processes and manages unstructured information, such as scanned documents and images, using innovative artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies. In doing so, the platform can automatically analyse, enhance, enrich and improve the findability of large quantities of data.

The Doculayer.ai platform integrates seamlessly with business applications and processes in the current IT landscape, which means it can process unstructured content in existing systems. This enables the company to respond to the explosive growth of information and the actions required to store data in the correct manner, compliant with privacy legislation (GDPR).

Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security and KPN

Numerous organisations already use the platform. For instance, in partnership with the Justitiële Informatiedienst (Judicial Information Service), Doculayer.ai takes care of improving and enriching millions of documents. The automated allocation of metadata ensures the documents are digitally archived and secured in the correct way and in compliance with the Dutch Archives Act.

Doculayer.ai is also used by KPN for the intelligent processing of customer contracts. Using AI, contract documents are classified based on their contents and assigned with metadata, after which they are structured into files in a fully automated way.

The investment will enable Doculayer.ai to strengthen and expand its teams in the areas of R&D, product development, sales, marketing and customer support. Daan Nollen, partner at Disruptive Technology Ventures says, “The amount of unstructured information is growing exponentially. Doculayer.ai provides a disruptive solution to access and process this information using AI. The customer base already successfully using Doculayer.ai is impressive and we see great potential for the platform to become the international market leader in intelligent content management.”

According to Francis Quint, head of InnovationQuarter Capital, Doculayer.ai has become a strong asset to the West Holland security network within a short space of time: “Using AI, Doculayer.ai generates files that are always up to date, which means that organisations automatically comply with the latest privacy legislation. We believe Doculayer.ai is an innovative, disruptive company that will bolster the regional security cluster with a powerful privacy solution. Thanks to the implementation of interactive learning AI, the innovative platform will, we expect, make a substantial contribution to the robotisation of content management. With this investment, Doculayer.ai will be able to accelerate its international expansion.”


Johan Stins

Senior Investment Manager