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Johnson & Johnson Unveils New Vaccines Launch Facility in Holland

Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson officially opened its state-of-the-art vaccines launch facility in Leiden, the Netherlands. The new facility represents a significant investment by the company in novel vaccines development, global health and security, and pandemic preparedness efforts. In addition, the facility features innovative technological and manufacturing platforms to support the large-scale production of vaccines for clinical trials and global launch.

Janssen’s launch facility is the latest example of the company’s leadership in pharmaceutical R&D in the Netherlands. The company will utilize a number of cutting-edge research and development (R&D) platforms at the vaccines launch facility, including Janssen’s proprietary AdVac® viral vector vaccines technology and the company’s PER.C6® manufacturing platform.

“This new center represents a significant commitment by Johnson & Johnson in our mission to change the trajectory of human health,” said Johan Van Hoof, M.D., Global Therapeutic Area Head IDV, Vaccines, Janssen Pharmaceuticals R&D and Managing Director, Janssen Vaccines & Prevention B.V.

By investing locally, we hope to protect globally by ensuring that innovative and effective vaccines become available to the people that need them wherever they may live.

Europe’s Leading Hub for R&D Innovation

The Netherlands’ world-class research institutes, supportive R&D tax credits and strategic partnerships between science, industry and government, make it a renowned hub for R&D. Furthermore, Holland is home to R&D operations of major companies like Philips, IBM and MSD. Janssen will utilize Holland’s unmatched technology infrastructure, multilingual workforce and innovative ecosystem to improve global health and create new vaccines.

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Boston Rotterdam market expansion program

The launch of the BOSteRDAM follows the MoU Greentown Labs and InnovationQuarter signed in November 2017. Through the BOSteRDAM Cleantech Link, both organizations will closely support entrepreneurs in gaining access to leading cleantech clusters overseas by drafting a tailor-made two-week program for each company. The program will provide startups with full immersion in the overseas ecosystem, including local market knowledge, introductions to companies, government organizations and strategic partners, networking opportunities and a temporary office space, facilitate the realization of a successful foreign market entry strategy. BOSteRDAM is open to startups, scale-ups and corporates, and runs until July 2019.

The BOSteRDAM cleantech link was launched during an offshore wind mission of Dutch entrepreneurs to Boston. ’The offshore wind delegation took a tour of Greentown Labs and spent time with Josh Groleau of Pecos Wind Power and Ravi Paintal of Autonomous Marine Systems. Given the two companies’ areas of expertise and the wind markets they’re pursuing, the delegation enjoyed spending time with the entrepreneurs at Greentown Labs!

The delegation also heard from Professor Eric Hines of Tufts University, who talked about the general Massachusetts offshore wind ecosystem and the leadership of academia in the rising industry.

Greentown Labs invited Saitec, a startup from Spain working on floating offshore wind in Massachusetts, to present about their work and how they’ve entered the New England market.

Boston Rotterdam Cleantech Link market expansion program

Finally, Greentown Labs’ Executive Vice President Mark Vasu, and InnovationQuarter’s Senior Account Manager, Loek Becker Hoff, presented the BOSteRDAM program to the delegation and members of the Greentown community.

Loek met with several member companies at Greentown Labs and the rest of the delegation continued on to the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal. Palmos and Root AI, both Greentown Labs member companies, visited the Netherlands over the summer and were able to reconnect with Loek. OffGridBox and Next Rung Technology spent time discussing their European expansion strategies with Loek.

Dr. Emily Reichert, CEO of Greentown Labs, shares “Greentown Labs is eager to welcome startups from the Netherlands to our cleantech community. We’re excited to provide them with the resources and network they need to expand their operations in the United States and we see great synergies between our ecosystem and InnovationQuarter. Some of our entrepreneurs have already taken advantage of the wide array of resources and connections InnovationQuarter has, and we’re exited to see many more utilize the BOSteRDAM cleantech link!”

Rinke Zonneveld, Director of InnovationQuarter is very happy with the program, “The greater Rotterdam area houses amongst others the largest port of Europe, one of the best tech incubators in Europe, the first CIC operations overseas and loads of opportunities in the field of energy transition, circular economy and high-tech solutions for a sustainable future. More over The Netherlands is the ideal stepping stone for American entrepreneurs who want to do business in Europe. We are ready to welcome”.

BOSteRDAM cleantech link is supported by YES!Delft, Buccaneer, CIC, ACTION Innovation Network and the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center.

Interested in learning more?

Visit the BOSteRDAM website or contact Anne de Vries (+31 6 2254 6065 / anne.devries@innovationquarter.nl), Project Associate Internationalisation at InnovationQuarter, or Benny Kim (bkim@greentownlabs.com), International Partnerships Fellow at Greentown Labs.

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Scheltema’s warm industrial look of dark-brown wood and faded steel gave the atmosphere at LINQ an informal and friendly character. Attending entrepreneurs were paired into smaller groups with other entrepreneurs, so that getting in touch with peers and potential partners was easier. The groups then received demonstrations of eight of West Holland’s cutting-edge technologies on the innovation floor:

  • TWNKLS, a known name even in Silicon circles, presented the world’s most successful non-game augmented reality app. With a toy car they demonstrated how their technology helps Lamborgini mechanics to decompose the different internal parts of the car in order to better repair possible defects. And how their app helps IKEA customer to see how the chair they want to buy fits into their home before buying.
  • MomoMedical demonstrated their new hospital bed with smart sensors that registers how long people have laid in the same position and whether they have to be turned over.
  • On the innovation floor was also Qlayer’s disruptive coating technique with their autonomous painting robot creating microstructured coatings in a locally protected environment.
  • Then there was Tessa, a robot by Tinybots. Tessa helps people with difficulties concerning structure and routine tasks (for instance people with dementia) by structuring their day.
  • Berry Sanders from Fleet Space Technologies explained how their plug and play satellite system allows people to receive sensor data from any location in the world.
  • Sybren de Jong demonstrated Tropomi to the international business community. Tropomi is a Dutch climate and air pollution measuring satellite, co-developed by Airbus.
  • LeydenJar Technologies demonstrated their 100% silicon anode rolls that boost the energy density of Li-ion battery cells with up to 50% (1.200 Wh/l).

Let’s LINQ

InnovationQuarter’s mission is to strengthen the regional economy in West Holland by supporting and stimulating the innovation potential of this unique delta region. In close co-operation with all major corporations, educational and research institutions, and government organizations, we assist and support foreign companies like yours with their establishment, business expansion and relocation plans in our region.

And of course, we maintain in close contact with the 2,200 international companies that are already established here. Looking for collaborative contacts or in need of assistance? Get in touch with our team and we’ll introduce you in our extensive network.

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Everyone wants to be healthy and it just so happens that Dutch horticulture specialises in healthy products. But it is still rare for a doctor to prescribe a diet consisting for the most part of fresh vegetables instead of pills. One reason for this is that we are insufficiently aware of which nutrients are present in which vegetables and in what quantities. Our health would benefit greatly from more insight into the specific value of fresh vegetables. Enterprises in various sectors, including company catering and professional sports, could certainly use such information to their advantage.

Natasja van der Lely (vers+):

Everything around us becomes more personal, the consumer is almost crying out. And what does food do? One size fits all!

A few years ago, with this in mind, a number of companies in the horticulture sector decided to come together to found vers+. Their goal is to provide reliable data about the precise nutrients found in a range of vegetables and to bring these vegetables to market. vers+ is now developing a database containing this information. The database is to be used by partners to develop healthy, nutritional concepts.

Have look at the vers+ dinner pictures on our Flickr page! 

Nutrients and vegetables

Over the past few years under the vers+ banner, partner companies have rolled out a number of pilot projects and have targeted patients with prostate cancer and children attending day care centres. One aim was to assess how personalised nutrition works in practice. The Dutch Horticulture and Propagation Materials Top Sector recently provided a positive assessment of the ‘Value of Fruit and Vegetables’ project. During this project, various measuring methods will be developed and combined so that phytonutrients and impacts on health can be measured. The project was initiated by vers+ and Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo.

Personalised dinner

To raise awareness of vers+ and inspire potential new partners, vers+ recently decided to organise a customised dinner. All guests received a DNA kit beforehand. Omnigen analysed the profile results to identify each guest’s macronutrient and micronutrient needs.

Based on the DNA profiles, Hutten Catering prepared a personalised dinner for each guest at Koppert Cress. All guests also received their DNA profile tailored to their nutritional requirements. vers+ organised the event to inspire business partners to think about commercial opportunities in the field of personalised food and health. The dinner provided first-hand insight into the many new revenue models that are already within reach.

Succesvol vers+ diner op maat inspireert over gepersonaliseerde voeding en gezondheid

New opportunities for Dutch horticulture

Around 100 invited guests from horticulture, healthcare, retail and catering attended the vers+ dinner. Natasja van der Lely (Koppert Cress/vers+) and Marieke Kodde (InnovationQuarter) offered their views on personalised food and health. In the near future, vers+ will be transformed into an organisation working for both long-term and occasional partners and aims to create new opportunities for Dutch horticulture products based on healthy nutrients.

Marieke Kodde:

With the nutrients that are naturally present in fresh vegetables, we can take a place in the developments in the field of personalized nutrition and health. vers + can contribute to a healthier society and to business opportunities for horticulture.

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Space Campus Noordwijk launched during IAC Bremen

During the International Astronautical Conference (IAC) which was held in Bremen last week, some 16 Dutch space companies and organisations presented themselves in the NL Space booth. From these 16 exhibitors, 13 came from the West Holland region, showing that indeed some 80% of Dutch space activities take place in this region. Newcomer was Space Campus Noordwijk, launched and presented by the municipality of Noordwijk and the Province of Zuid-Holland.

10 reasons why West Holland is the hotspot for Space

Space Campus Noordwijk, just a stone’s throw from the ESA’s largest research facility ESTEC, will house dedicated facilities for testing small satellites and space instruments, a centre for earth observation data applications and training, a virtual laboratory in support of space engineering and a state-of-the-art makerspace for prototyping and small satellite production. For meetings, campus companies can use a completely new international meeting facility for space professionals, to be built on the ESTEC site.

The national government, the Province of Zuid-Holland and the Municipality of Noordwijk will invest over € 25 million in the development of Space Campus Noordwijk. ESTEC, the Galileo Reference Centre (GRC) and the Space Business Incubator Centre are partners in the project, as are many Dutch companies and institutions.

The IAC is the largest annual international space conference in the world, with an extensive exhibition attached to it. Space organizations and industry discuss future projects with each other and show the world the newest space-high-tech. Participating companies and knowledge institutes from the West Holland region were: Hyperion Technologies, Delft University of Technology, S [&] T, CGI, ATG, Airbus, Cosine, ISIS, TNO Space, Airborne, T-Minus Engineering, SatSearch, Dawn Aerospace, Space Campus Noordwijk, SpaceNed and The Netherlands Space Office (NSO).

On Tuesday evening NL-Space organized a VIP dinner for the participating Dutch delegates and their (potential) international clients. The event took place in the historical Handelskammer Bremen, and started with some inspiring words on the Dutch space footprint by Marc Hendrikse, Chairman topsector High Tech Systems & Materials, Mr. Wepke Kingma, Dutch Ambassador to Germany, Harm van de Wetering, Director Netherlands Space Office and Dutch astronaut André Kuipers.

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Delft hosted General Assembly of European aerospace cluster partnership

This was a perfect opportunity to show 37 aerospace organizations from 14 different countries the unique ecosystems in Delft and the West Holland region. The EACP exchanges information and knowledge between its partners and develops long-term transnational cooperation between clusters and companies. Lots of possibilities for cooperation between West Holland and other European regions were discussed on topics like earth observation (Lazio), UAV’s (Puglia) and cabin design (Hamburg).

10 reasons why West Holland is the hotspot for Aerospace

The spectacular atrium of Westcord hotel Delft was the central venue for the GA meeting. After a day of presentations and working groups, the members enjoyed a canal tour through the city centre. Special guest at the dinner in Wijnhaven was alderman Bas Vollebregt who welcomed the guests and elaborated on the strong aerospace footprint of the city.

The following day the participants visited TU Delft incubator YES!Delft and spoke to some aeronautic start-ups and scale-ups. In the afternoon they took a look at the World Horti Centre to learn about the mutual challenges both the aerospace and the horticulture industry face like robotization, sustainability, and use of new/durable energy.

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Dutch companies and knowledge institutions form collation to expand into India

The consortium consists of eight companies –Fox-IT, Group 2000, Crosspring, Global Business Academy, Enterprise Summit, E2-Labs, Newgen Payments and The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies—as well as InnovationQuarter and HSD Foundation. Three education institutions –Delft University of Technology, Leiden University of Applied Sciences and The Hague University of Applied Science—are directly involved as collaboration partners. From the Dutch government, the Dutch Embassy and RvO will be playing an important role in making the consortium a success.

This PIB focuses on specific segments within the overall cyber security market in India: Cyber Security, Training and Education as well as Knowledge Exchange for Internet of Things (IoT) and Protection of Critical Infrastructures (CI) both in Government as the private sector. The focus on IoT and (mostly) government-controlled CI like energy, drinking water, telecommunications, as well as financial services (banking) is important because there are significant opportunities for new business deals in these fields. The PIB will focus initially on the states Telangana (Hyderabad) and Karnataka (Bangalore) extending when feasible to the rest of States in India.

The PIB will be guided by a liaison in India, in close collaboration with the Dutch Embassy. The daily coordination of the programme will be in the hands of HSD Office. HSD Office will be the linking pin towards RVO, the Dutch Embassy in India and the participants of the Cyber Security cluster. Together they will arrange that the consortium will be part of trade missions, matchmaking events, knowledge exchange opportunities and collaborative presentations at conferences.

Municipality of The Hague

Since 2015, contacts with India have been developed via the municipality of The Hague and its many partners, amongst others HSD. The objective of this PIB is to further develop and strengthen the business relations that were build earlier and were made official during the Dutch trade mission to Indiaa from 22 -25 May 2018 and which included collaborations with the Hyderabad Security Cluster and the Center of Excellence Karnataka. This PIB is a direct outcome of this.

Partners for International Business (PIB)

Partners for International Business is a programme of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RvO) commissioned by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Investing in innovation

Access to Capital is one of the requirements to have the ability to innovate. To support starting and fast-growing entrepreneurs of the security sector, the Access to Capital event has been initiated by a collective of parties. The positive effects for the pitching organisations has been proven, which is why the organising parties: InnovationQuarter, Rabobank Regio Den Haag, Value Creation Capital, TIIN Capital and HSD Office initiated the fifth annual edition of this event, this year.

These kind of meetings where investor matches are made, are an upcoming trend. It is a place where collaborations arise that have a strong spin-off in the region in terms of employment opportunities. Innovation, securing data, and developing knowledge on these topics is something that partners heartily support.

Pitching organisations and winner

During the interactive day of inspiration, sharing experiences and information about funding, 6 innovative entrepreneurs pitched their businessplans within the area of cybersecurity. The winner, Sahar Ismail of Legacy Armour was selected by a professional jury. An overview of all the pitchers and investors that attended the event can be viewed here.

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Bluefors at the TU Delft Campus

Bluefors sells cryostats that are needed to cool the quantum chips that are developed in Delft to extremely low temperatures. Quantum effects such as superposition and entanglement that are used in quantum computers only manifest themselves under these circumstances. At this moment there are chips of a few dozen qubits, the basic units of quantum computers, in a cryostat. If the technology will be further scaled up in the coming years, the cryostats will also need to be developed further.

Rob Blaauwgeers, CEO of Bluefors:

It is important for us to be able to design these new specifications with leading users and to benefit from each other’s knowledge. That is why we decided to carry out R&D close to the Delft research groups. In our new R&D lab we would like to collaborate with the Delft groups, but also with our other customers and partners from all over the world.

Ronald Hanson, scientific director, is delighted with the arrival of Bluefors: “I am happy to welcome Bluefors at the TU Delft Campus. It is an important step in our ambition to create a flourishing quantum hub here, that accelerates scientific, technological and market developments.”

Delft Quantum Campus

The Bluefors site is a new step towards a local ecosystem where not only students and researchers, but also companies work on this key technology of the future. Birch consultants has completed a feasibility study commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate and QuTech / TUD with the perspective of such an ecosystem, under the title: Q-campus: building a Quantum ecosystem in Delft. This report was presented to State Secretary Mona Keijzer during the InnovationExpo. Birch’s conclusion is that Delft has the potential to grow into one of the top quantum hubs in Europe with up to 900 direct jobs in 2023. It is up to the government, Delft University of Technology, the municipality of Delft, TNO and other regional stakeholders to take decisions about possible follow-up steps.

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Digital investigative software supplier Magnet Forensics has opened an office at The Hague Security Delta Campus

Next step in investigating digital evidence

Magnet Forensics creates solutions that helps with evidence collection, processing, review and case management. Their complete digital investigation platform recovers digital evidence from the most sources, including smartphones, cloud services, computers, IoT devices and third-party images.

Founder Jad Saliba first worked as a Digital Forensics Examiner where he faced many challenges with finding important evidence on a suspect’s computer. Facing this new challenge head on, Saliba set out to find a solution that would help him, and others, recover relevant data faster. In 2011, together with Adam Belsher, they launched Magnet Forensics. Since then, the company has rapidly grown to include a team of global employees who work on a variety of software solutions that empower law enforcement agencies and companies around the world to fight crime, protect assets and guard national security. Magnet Forensics tools are used by over 4,000 agencies in 93 countries.

Acquisition of Tracks Inspector

Earlier this year, Magnet Forensics announced the acquisition of The Hague based Tracks Inspector. With this acquisition Magnet Forensics added a robust review platform for non-technical stakeholders of an investigation to its product portfolio. Tracks Inspector offers an intuitive, web-based platform that puts digital investigations into the hands of detectives who have knowledge of the case but aren’t necessarily digital forensics specialists. It enables investigators to conduct an early case assessment and identify the data and devices relevant to the case. This approach enables the forensic unit to focus on targeted forensic analysis.

Digital investigative software supplier Magnet Forensics has opened an office at The Hague Security Delta Campus

The office of Magnet Forensics Europe will be located at the HSD Campus in The Hague, the current home base of HSD partner Tracks Inspector BV. This office will become Magnet Forensics’ new European headquarters, including a technical department providing new jobs in the near future.

With customers, sales teams and reseller partners all over Europe, we’re excited to be part of the HSD and make it our new corporate headquarters in Europe,” says Adam Belsher, CEO, Magnet Forensics. “We couldn’t be more pleased to be in The Hague, and benefit from the proximity it provides to our customers and partners.

“Cyber security is vital to community and organization safety and we are incredibly honoured to be recognized for our role in this pursuit,” said Jad Saliba, Founder & CTO, Magnet Forensics. “Being welcomed by The Hague, InnovationQuarter and The Hague Security Delta is an honour for Magnet Forensics, as we work tirelessly to provide organizations and law enforcement the tools they need to work through cases faster and with even more accuracy.”

Soft Landing program

Prior to settling in The Hague, and acquiring Tracks Inspector, Magnet Forensics has participated in a Soft Landing program. This is a company exchange program between greater Ottawa region and the greater Rotterdam-The Hague area. The program is specifically designed for mature cyber security companies with the aim of internationalization and setting up a company. Participants of the program receive support in terms of mentoring, introductions, temporary office space and media promotion. Magnet Forensics has proven to be a great participant and was supported by the Canadian Embassy, Invest Ottawa, The Chamber of commerce, The Hague Security Delta and InnovationQuarter.

Digital investigative software supplier Magnet Forensics has opened an office at The Hague Security Delta Campus

Chris van Voorden, InnovationQuarter’s head of Foreign Investments: “Although the Soft Landing program was not designed to facilitate mergers and acquisitions, in this case Magnet Forensics and Tracks Inspector benefit from Magnet’s acquisition. Magnet Forensics will expand business in The Hague by increasing sales and hiring new employees. At the same time I am proud that Dutch forensics software will now have a global reach through Magnet’s global networks.”