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10X Genomics Inc. Opens new European Headquarters in Leiden

10x Genomics is the leader in single-cell and other areas of genomic analysis, all of which enable greater resolution and accelerate the understanding of new biology and disease. 10x Genomics builds tools and applications that leverage advances in sequencing along with innovations in hardware, chemistry and software. Its customers have already analyzed over 130 million single cells, broadly equivalent to sequencing 18,000 human genomes.

Benefits of the Leiden Bio Science Park

10X Genomics began direct sales to Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) in late 2015, and continue to grow their presence in the EMEA genomics market.  10X Genomics has distributed sales and support teams located in the field across the region who will receive further support from the new central office located in Leiden.

“We see Leiden as an attractive option for inward investment by life science companies due to the excellent infrastructure, including LUMC and the Leiden Bio Science Park. As 10X Genomics expands our business in this region, InnovationQuarter, the regional development organization for the region can connect us with universities where there is a talented pool of local university graduates with advanced scientific training for recruitment,” stated Sandy McBean, Vice President of EMEA Sales and Support for 10X Genomics.

Strengthening the Dutch life sciences & health ecosystem

According to analysts, the genomics sector could grow to $24 billion by 2022 when considering the large potential scope of genomic science impacting areas of research like gene editing and precision medicine. The role of genomics in healthcare is becoming increasingly important, and having a leading company in that field located in Leiden further strengthens the Dutch life sciences & health ecosystem and its position in the global life sciences market.

Mayor Lenferink, Mayor of the city of Leiden, stated, “I am pleased to welcome 10X Genomics, a pioneering company in the area of genomics to the Leiden Bio Science cluster.” The Leiden Bio Science Park is the largest and most mature life sciences cluster in the Netherlands with focus on Translational Drug Discovery and Development, Oncology, Vaccines and Regenerative Medicine.

The NFIA and InnovationQuarter assisted 10X Genomics with information on the investment climate in the Netherlands and office locations within the Dutch life sciences hotspots. We are looking forward to connecting the company to the life science community in the Netherlands.

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InnovationQuarter co-organized Chinese family day

The Chinese Family Day was organized to provide Chinese expats in the Netherlands with an opportunity to enjoy a day out with their families, whilst bonding and collaborating with Chinese expats from other companies in a casual manner. Furthermore, the families got a special close-up into the functioning of the human body. Especially the children truly enjoyed this part.

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The event officially started with a networking lunch and welcome speeches delivered by Mr. Zhang Guo Sheng and Mr. Zhang Xin Min on behalf of the Embassy of People’s Republic of China in the Netherlands. They gave the audience an update about the latest economic developments between the Netherlands and China, and introduced Chinese business associations in the Netherlands such as ACIEN and VCWI.

At this moment there are more than 500 Chinese enterprises based in the Netherlands, of which 60 percent are located in West Holland.

InnovationQuarter co-organized Chinese Family Day @ Corpus Leiden

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ExRobotics - Robot voor inspectie en onderhoud NAM

The robots can read meters on equipment via video and audio recordings, ‘smell’ a gas leak, navigate independently between various installations and find their own way back to their docking station to recharge. This means that inspectors and operators no longer have to visit environments where there is a risk of explosions, greatly improving their work safety.

NAM plans to start using the first batch of 10 robots in Q4 2018, and hopes to eventually introduce this technology to all of its unmanned installations. NAM is the first producer in the oil and gas industry to use this technology on a large scale. The NAM robot is operated by remote control, but on 6 August 2018, ExRobotics presented its latest robotics breakthrough: an autonomous, line-following robot for industrial environments. This innovation was demonstrated by ExRobotics, TU Darmstadt and Shell at the Shell refinery in Pernis. The robot carries out inspections in the factory independently.

The greatest challenge lies not in building remote-controlled robots, but rather in obtaining the certification required before they can be put to work in an inflammable environment. The so-called ATEX/IECEx certification places high demands on the product and materials used. Many of the required certified materials cannot simply be purchased. The fact is, the ATEX/IECEx norms were devised for stationary installations that were not space or energy constrained. However, the ExRobotics robots are built from small, energy-efficient and mobile components. ExRobotics therefore had to develop all of the components itself before having them certified by a notified body in Chicago (UL). The ExRobotics organisation then also had to obtain certification in order to be permitted to produce the components. The company now possesses a unique combination of this certification and robotics expertise.

ExRobotics recently opened a new production facility in Delft, to facilitate the production and certification of their robots. ExRobotics selected West Holland as the location for their new facility because the robotics climate in the province has a great deal to offer with regard to R&D. InnovationQuarter, the province’s regional development agency, and the Municipality of Delft have offered advice and support to help ExRobotics select a suitable location. The new production facility is located close to TU Delft and RoboValley. ExRobotics is looking forward to a fruitful exchange of knowledge and experiences with these two knowledge partners. The company currently has 10 employees, but anticipates strong growth in the years ahead, representing a major boost to the ecosystem in West Holland.

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Cyber Security Week in Den Haag van 2-5 oktober

For various reasons, cyber security has been featuring in the headlines increasingly frequently. Our digital security expressly requires innovative solutions based on international cooperation between countries and their cyber professionals. An important issue here is the current lack of cyber security professionals with which governments, businesses and knowledge organisations are having to contend. Both developing and motivating this cyber security talent as well as working together on innovative security solutions are key themes during this 3ʳᵈ edition of Cyber Security Week.

As an international data hub and digital entry point to Europe, the Netherlands plays an important role when it comes to tackling these threats and optimally guaranteeing the cyber security of our critical infrastructure.

Saskia Bruines, Deputy Mayor for Education, Knowledge Economy and International Affairs in the Municipality of The Hague:

“Technological developments are continuing apace and the current shortage of talent will increase if we fail to take action as a society. For that reason, public authorities, educational institutions and businesses need to join forces to train, attract and retain more talent. That is why it is important to teach children digital skills from an early age. From primary school to university, educating cybertalent has to be high on the agenda. We want everyone to participate so we can all work together to create a safe society.”

Want to apply for the Cyber Security Week 2018? Click here!


The parties participating in Cyber Security Week include CIPRE, Incident Response and representatives from numerous security clusters from the UK, Ireland, Germany, Israel, US, Canada, India and Japan. Many big and small companies specialising in cyber security will also be present. Together they will offer a wide range of interactive cyber games, challenges, presentations, workshops and showcases.

The first week of October will also see the start of the Alert Online Campaign and One Conference (2-3 October), all in the context of European Cyber Security Month.

During CIPRE (2-4 October), international cyber experts will meet to share knowledge about protecting our critical infrastructure.

On 4-5 October, there will be training sessions, practical workshops and network meetings of the American Incident Response Community.

On 4-5 October, the Fokker Terminal in The Hague will be the venue for the CSW Congress & Expo. The Congress comprises a matchmaking-programme, an Access to Capital event, an Access to Talent event, an SME Cyber Awareness Event and dozens of other workshops, sessions and keynotes relating to cyber security.

During the CSW Expo, national and international organisations will present their innovative cyber security solutions.


Cyber Security Week is expected to attract around 4000 visitors. These include:

  • Cyber security professionals from 70 countries
  • Dutch SMEs which recognise cyber security as a risk for their business and are looking for solutions.
  • Start-ups/scale-ups and investors meeting each other during the Access to Capital event.
  • Students and young professionals who will be offered a targeted programme during the Access to Talent event.

Cyber Security Week is an initiative of The Hague Security Delta (HSD), a network of companies, public authorities and knowledge organisations working together on knowledge development and innovations in the field of security. The Cyber Security Week is being funded by the city of The Hague.

More information about the programme is available at: www.cybersecurityweek.nl