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Oxy-Low ontvangt groeifincanciering

From left to right: Jaap Smit (King’s Commissioner in the province of Zuid-Holland), Sanne van Rennes (Oxy-Low) en Pieter van Rennes (Oxy-Low)

Jaap Smit, King’s Commissioner in the province of Zuid-Holland, and Adri Bom-Lemstra, Regional Minister (Economic Affairs), announced the investments at the international ERIAFF food and agriculture conference, which kicked off in The Hague on Thursday, 29 June. The government officials symbolically handed over the InnovationQuarter investments to the directors of the three companies. These regional resources, in combination with European funds, are aimed at boosting companies that contribute to innovation within the international agricultural and horticultural sector.

Regional Minister Adri Bom-Lemstra said,

Innovation and technological advances are crucial for the further development of the Greenport and will allow us to retain and reinforce our leading global position. With their innovative technology, Condi Food and Longbloom are well-positioned to help us achieve this.

Both companies will receive capital through UNIIQ, a fund that helps companies in the proof-of-concept phase to bring their innovation to market faster.

King’s Commissioner in the province of Zuid-Holland Jaap Smit announced the IQCapital investment in family-run business Oxy-Low and said: “I am proud that once again several companies in West Holland can take a huge step forward thanks to an investment made possible by InnovationQuarter. Companies like Oxy-Low demonstrate the region’s strength for innovation in the agricultural and horticultural sector.”

Condi Food, Warmond

Condi Food uses hyperspectral technology from the aerospace industry to assess the different characteristics of food products, including food quality. For example, the technology can be used to test the ripeness and taste of fruit and can also evaluate the freshness of products, such as salmon or sea bass. Condi Food is able to determine desired quality characteristics in a continuous, non-destructive manner with automated inline processes. In this way, the company contributes to improved food quality and safety.


From left to right: Regional Minister Adri Bom-Lemstra (Economic Affairs), Jacques van Munster van Heuven (Condi Food), Robi Nederlof (Condi Food)

Longbloom, Bleiswijk

Longbloom has developed a revolutionary process for preserving flowers. By using CO2 ‘waste’ released from the port of Rotterdam, the company can apply a special treatment that allows the quality of fresh flowers to be preserved for several months to several years. This innovative technology preserves flowers in a much more efficient and environmentally friendly way than the current production standard. The global market demand for preserved flowers is growing considerably. Whereas the current focus within the industry is on flowers with a strong structure, Longbloom can respond effectively to the rising demand because its process allows for the preservation of new and more delicate varieties of flowers. The region’s infrastructure, combined with the quality and diversity of flowers grown in West Holland, make it the ideal location for Longbloom to test and develop this technology.


From left to right: Regional Minister Adri Bom-Lemstra (Economic Affairs), Adriaan Meewisse (Longbloom)

Oxy-Low, Numansdorp

Oxy-Low serves the global market with biological insect control methods that are not harmful to people and the environment. Moreover, these methods contribute to preserving the quality of the product. International customers use Oxy-Low’s solutions to treat, package, transport and store various food and non-food commodities. Thanks to these solutions, loss of food products due to deterioration can be reduced and product quality is preserved for longer periods. With its environmentally friendly solution, Oxy-Low offers an alternative to toxic fumigation and helps its customers meet the social challenges of sustainable chains and food safety.

Francis Quint, Head of InnovationQuarter Capital, is very pleased with these three investments:

InnovationQuarter invests in innovative companies in West Holland at all stages of a company’s life cycle. With the investments in Condi Food and Longbloom from our proof-of-concept fund, UNIIQ, and the investment in Oxy-Low from IQCapital, West Holland is providing a broad-based boost to the international agricultural and horticultural sector.

EFRO / European regional development fund of the European Union

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Oxy-Low ontvangt groeifinanciering voor milieuvriendelijke oplossingen voor ongediertebestrijding

From left to right: Jaap Smit (commissaris van de Koning in de provincie Zuid-Holland), Sanne van Rennes (Oxy-Low) en Pieter van Rennes (Oxy-Low)

The new standard in pest control

Based in Numansdorp, Oxy-Low was founded in 2008 by two entrepreneurs with a proven track record in alternative insect treatment methods based on the principles of modified and controlled atmosphere. In 2014, the company was passed on to Sanne and Pieter van Rennes, the next generation. Since then, Oxy-Low has successfully commercialised the application of low oxygen technology for use in innovative, patented packaging machines and controlled atmosphere chambers.

Oxy-Low specialises in alternative, biological pest control methods and the high-quality preservation of food and non-food commodities. By exposing products to low oxygen levels, insects are killed and the use of toxic pesticides is avoided. The Oxy-Low Modified Atmosphere packaging line also provides protection against insect re-infestation and the degradation of product quality.

The technology offers many advantages over alternative packaging and pest control methods, such as vacuum and freezing treatments and toxic fumigation. Moreover, Oxy-Low’s environmentally friendly solution is more effective than vacuum packaging in preserving the quality of the packaged product. The integrated energy saving system, short treatment times and reduction of product recalls also mean that the method is often cheaper.

Oxy-Low ontvangt groeifinanciering voor milieuvriendelijke oplossingen voor ongediertebestrijding

From left to right: Carolien Sants (InnovationQuarter), Jaap Smit (commissaris van de Koning in de provincie Zuid-Holland), Sanne van Rennes (Oxy-Low), Pieter van Rennes (Oxy-Low), Francis Quint (InnovationQuarter) en Martien Kuunders (InnovationQuarter)

Global player with an expanding product portfolio

Oxy-Low is a global player and offers SMART solutions developed from years of extensive research conducted in collaboration with companies in different agricultural sectors. International customers use Oxy-Low’s solutions to treat, package, transport and store various food and non-food commodities. As insect infestation and quality degradation are big problems in countries with hot and humid climates, Asia, the Middle East, South America and Africa are attractive markets.
In association with a strategic partner and an angel investor, InnovationQuarter has provided Oxy-Low with a capital injection that will help the company accelerate international growth and expand its product portfolio. In return, the investors will acquire a significant minority interest in Oxy-Low. Part of the investment will be used to expand the technical team. By focusing on product research and development, the company will be able to treat and package ever-larger volumes in an industrial setting. The research strategy also aims to make Oxy-Low solutions suitable for a wider range of commodities.

Oxy-Low Managing Director Sanne van Rennes:

With InnovationQuarter’s financial support, Oxy-Low will be able to take major steps in developing new and innovative high-end packaging systems. Oxy-Low endeavours to continuously improve its solutions so that it can help customers overcome current challenges in insect control and product quality preservation.

InnovationQuarter Head of Capital Francis Quint: “InnovationQuarter is pleased to be able to support a full range of SMEs through its investment fund. As a result of this investment, the profitable Oxy-Low family business will be able to expand its international activities and make great strides in developing its product portfolio.”

EFRO / European regional development fund of the European Union

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Dutch Windwheel ondertekening Green Deal

International eye-catcher

In mid-2015 the Rotterdam companies BLOC, DoepelStrijkers and Meysters presented the plan for the Dutch Windwheel: an iconic building that will not only contain residential units, but also an attraction. The radical design maximally embraces the possibilities of energy production and experience. It was designed for systematic innovation and reuse and will be built with materials sourced from the Rotterdam region. The philosophy behind the Dutch Windwheel has since reached all corners of the globe: it has received far-reaching international media exposure and was even featured on the Chinese news. By constructing a building as circular, sustainable and healthy as this while achieving the highest energy-producing capacity possible, the initiators expressed the ambition of equipping the Dutch Windwheel with advanced technological solutions, some of which are still in their further development stages.

Innovation partners

The development of these technologies is currently in the hands of an innovation consortium composed of Arup, Royal BAM Group, Deltares, Dura Vermeer, ECN, Eneco, Evides, Siemens, SPIE, TNO and the Windwheel Corporation (in which the Rotterdam-based companies BLOC, DoepelStrijkers and Meysters are represented). The goal of the consortium is to drastically improve the quality and sustainability of buildings through the use of climate architecture and advanced technology. The innovation partners are supported by InnovationQuarter, NBTC Holland Marketing, PNO and Rotterdam Partners.

Dutch Windwheel ondertekening green deal

New design

Based partly on the results obtained by the innovation consortium, giant strides forward have been made over the past few months in the iconic building’s design. The principal characteristics of the Dutch Windwheel have been preserved in the latest version of the plan, which was designed under the leadership of DoepelStrijkers and Arup. In addition to this, the building complex will still retain its original functions, including an attraction that consists of cabins (similar to those of a Ferris wheel) that will transport visitors to the highest point of the Dutch Windwheel. The construction aspects have been optimised in the design, and the circular principles for the use of materials and the climate, water and energy systems have been extensively worked out.

Public support

Various public-sector organisations embrace the consortium’s ambitions. The Dutch Windwheel is referred to in the regional Roadmap Next Economy as a supporting project for system breakthroughs The project has been proclaimed a regional ‘field lab’ and both the Rotterdam – The Hague metropolitan region and the Municipality of Rotterdam will be contributing to testing the innovations in the region, with a view to ultimately bringing these to the international market. By signing the Green Deal, the Municipality of Rotterdam, the Province of Zuid-Holland and the Dutch government will be endorsing the potential of the project for the regional economy and employment. The Green Deal comprises the starting point for an investigation into the project’s financial feasibility, its operational possibilities and site-specific requirements.

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VarmX onvangt seed capital investering voor de ontwikkeling van gemodificeerd bloedstollingsfactor X-002-848x386

To avoid spontaneous stroke or vein thrombosis, currently millions of patients in the US routinely take factor Xa inhibitors, also called direct oral anti-coagulants (DOACs), such as apixaban, edoxaban or rivaroxaban.  There is a significant unmet medical need, as no effective treatment is available for patients experiencing severe (internal) bleeding or requiring emergency surgery.  Due to the increasing use of factor Xa inhibitors for anti-coagulation, the global market for this compound is growing rapidly.


With their investments, BGV and InnovationQuarter enable the company to speed up the development of the compound, particularly setting up the manufacturing process. Previously VarmX received a pre-seed investment from Leiden University and UNIIQ, the early-stage proof-of-concept investment fund for the Province of Zuid-Holland.

Pieter Reitsma, Professor emeritus of Molecular and Experimental Medicine at LUMC and CSO of VarmX explains: “Innovative research into the properties of a snake venom provided the scientific basis for the factor Xa reversal agent. This is exemplary of the translation of basic research into a potential life-saving therapy.”

This is exemplary of the translation of basic research into a potential life-saving therapy

VarmX onvangt seed capital investering voor de ontwikkeling van gemodificeerd bloedstollingsfactor X-001848x386

Francis Quint, Head InnovationQuarter Capital, states: “We are very pleased to invest in a LUMC spin off taking a promising research program conducted in Leiden onto the global stage of pharmaceutical development.”

“We believe the product is based on very elegant science in an area of significant and growing unmet need: unstoppable bleeding in an increasing patient population.  It fits very well with our funds’ focus on truly innovative products that have the potential to positively impact patient care” comments Oskar Slotboom, partner at BGV and chairman of VarmX.

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InnovationQuarter participated in the ‘Holland Pavilion’ during the Paris Air Show.

Holland Pavilion at Paris Air Show

Organizer of the Dutch stand was the Netherlands Aerospace Group (NAG), a trade association that supports the Dutch Aerospace and Airport Development sector. Suppliers to the aerospace sector, like Airborne Composites from The Hague, were present in the pavilion as well as some dominant aerospace regions in The Netherlands. These regions focus predominantly on Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) of aircraft, whereas the West Holland region has a strong emphasis on Research & Development, Design & Engineering and Manufacturing.

InnovationQuarter participated in the ‘Holland Pavilion’ during the Paris Air Show.

Dutch aerospace sector

Therefore, the West Holland region offers added value to the Dutch aerospace sector and is now part of the five most dominant aerospace regions in The Netherlands. More information is available in the brochure that was developed for the Paris Air Show, in which the 5 regions present their own distinctive strengths. If you would like to know more about the Aerospace sector in West Holland please have a look at this infographic with our 10 reasons to invest in this region.

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The Netherlands Ranks No. 3 on the Global Innovation Index 2017

Global Innovation Index

Each year, the Global Innovation Index (GII) surveys some 130 economies using dozens of metrics that provide a high-level look at innovative activity. Its 81 indicators explore political environment, education, infrastructure and business sophistication. The GII is co-authored by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Cornell University and French graduate business school INSEAD.

“Innovation is the engine of economic growth in an increasingly knowledge-based global economy, but more investment is needed to help boost human creativity and economic output,” said WIPO Director General Francis Gurry. “Innovation can help transform the current economic upswing into longer-term growth.”

Innovative Leader in Europe and Globally

Holland is one of 15 European countries among the top 25 global economies on the GII. A press release from WIPO notes, “Europe is particularly strong in human capital and research, infrastructure, business sophistication.”

In addition to ranking No. 3 overall on the GII, the Netherlands ranks first in the following categories: business sophistication, knowledge absorption, intellectual property payments, ICT services imports, and FDI net outflows.

Furthermore, Holland has strengths in human capital and research, infrastructure, market sophistication, and knowledge, technology and creative outputs, indicated the GII.

High Marks in Innovation

Besides ranking highly on the GII, the Netherlands leads other indexes such as the European Innovation Scoreboard and has innovation hubs across the country.


Source / InvestinHolland /WIPO

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Een zachte landing voor VSParticle in de California Bay Area

A ‘deep dive’ into the network

VSParticle, a spin-off of TU Delft, is currently in the San Francisco Bay Area on a visit to CITRIS, an institute affiliated with the University of California. CITRIS is headquartered on the UC Berkeley campus and has bases in other locations.

The Soft Landing Program has put VSParticle in touch with top scientists in the field of Life Sciences & Health, Sensors and Microelectronics. A demonstration of VSParticle’s ground-breaking innovation at the world-renowned Marvell Nanolab is an important part of the Program.

In addition to forging valuable links in the University of California ecosystem, VSParticle is also using the Soft Landing Program to establish and follow up useful contacts that can help the company move forward in entering the US market.

Vincent Laban, CFO of VSParticle: “The Soft Landing Program has brought us in contact with the best researchers in nanotechnology and is helping us discover what issues they face and how our technology can make a difference. It will help us sharpen our business case and entry strategy for this market.”

Soft Landing Program with Digital Health Bootcamp 2018

Through the Soft Landing Program, InnovationQuarter and its partners provide a platform to companies that are serious about expanding in the US and want to test the ‘market fit’ of their product. The Program is low threshold, offers a lot of customization and gives companies the opportunity to follow up favorable contacts as well as develop and test a market-entry strategy.

The current program round has now ended. We will kick off the next round in November this year, and this will run until March 2018. This year’s edition will be preceded by a Digital Health Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, which is aimed at companies wishing to develop and fine-tune their US strategy. The Bootcamp is a potential springboard for the Soft Landing Program, but it will also be expressly open to entrepreneurs that are still exploring market opportunities in the US.

A soft landing for VSParticle in the California Bay Area

About VSParticle

VSParticle helps researchers and industrial parties create new materials from nanoparticles, with applications in Life Sciences & Health, Catalysts and Microelectronics. The TU Delft spin-off develops nanoparticle generators and sample preparation systems designed to make particles ranging in size from single atoms to 20 nm in diameter. VSParticle systems make it possible to perform rapid iterations in material research and reduce costs and waste streams in industrial applications. VSParticle is part of the YES!Delft incubation program in Delft.

Would you like to know more?

More information about the current Soft Landing Program can be found on: siliconvalley.hub2hub.biz.

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West Holland doing business with China

Doing business with China

The purpose of the mission was sharing the regional knowledge, strengthening economic ties and the acquisition of Chinese companies to invest in Zuid-Holland. The economic and trade mission focused on the sectors horticulture, sustainable urban development, water and soil. The delegation visited Beijing, Shanghai, Shijiazhuang and Dezhou.


In Beijing Mr. Jaap Smit has visited the companies Elion Group and Twenty First Century Aerospace Technology (21 AT). Elion group is planning to set up an R&D center in the Netherlands. they also intend to invest in a Dutch company. The chairman Mr. Wang shared his business strategy with the delegation.

21 Century Aerospace has the intention to set up a European headquarters in the Netherlands, London or Paris. Mr. Smit welcomed the company to invest in the Province of Zuid-Holland with the help of InnovationQuarter and The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA).

In Beijing the City of Westland also visited the headoffice of IEDA Agrigarden – a current investor in Westland and the academic horticulture institute CAAS.


In Dezhou InnovationQuater supported the city of Westland  to establish an economic sister relationship with the City of Dezhou. Last year September a provincial delegation already visited Dezhou to kick of a Dutch greenhouse project. The Mayor of Dezhou, Mr. Chen Fei clearly indicated that they would like to strengthen cooperation with Municipality of Westland and Dutch Horticulture companies.  Hoogendoorn has offered a first pilot system to Dezhou.


In Shijiazhuang the 10 years relationship between the province of south Holland and Hebei province was celebrated. Mr. Xu Qin, the new governor of Hebei province met Mr. Smit. They both emphasize to bring the relationship to the next decades.

21 Century Aerospace has the intention to set up a European headquarters in the Netherlands

Business event in Shanghai

The highlight of the mission was a business event in Shanghai. InnovationQuarter teamed up with Province of Zuid-Holland, Invest Shanghai, NFIA and Rotterdam Partners to jointly organize ‘China – Netherlands Economic Cooperation Forum’ on 6 June in Shanghai.

Over 170 Chinese entrepreneurs attended the event, during which a number of Dutch and Chinese high officials and companies presented and with lots of time for networking. During the event, InnovationQuarter signed a MOU with the PQI Group.

During the China - Netherlands Economic Cooperation Forum, InnovationQuarter signed a MOU with the PQI Group

PQI Industrial Technology Group is a leading innovative company. They are the pioneer in innovative sectors and invest in innovative industrial developments.  The group has a registered capital of 500 million yuan. The total number of employees is about 1100 people, with a turnover of turnover of about 2.6 billion yuan in 2016. PQI Group includes more than 20 holding companies. They are active in a number of sectors: urban space operations (incubator, science park, typical town), Internet technology, robotics and smart intelligence, auto parts, investment, culture and education.

PQI Group has the intention to establish a B.V. in the Netherlands (Zuid-Holland), with the assistance of InnovationQuarter. They will use this new Dutch entity as a European base  for amongst others the scouting of Dutch and European innovative companies to invest in.

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TU Delft Research Exhibition

Due to TU Delft’s 175th anniversary this year, a total number of 175 projects were on display, giving visitors a taste of all the cutting-edge research and technology that is being developed in Delft. Research projects of all sorts, in a broad range of industries and phases were on display in stands all throughout the university library, with experts and researchers to answer any questions that visitors had.

Eric Smetink (KPN):

Good to see what is going on in this university. I think it is much more geared to finding solutions for real life problems and it also sparks creativity

The TU Delft Research Exhibition was a showcase of innovative ideas and projects, and was also very much about connecting university research with external partners. With more than 1800 visitors from over 400 different organizations, it was a very succesfull event.


On the first day of the event, InnovationQuarter and the TU Delft Valorization Team jointly organized a workshop for international companies that had already shown interest in exploring possible cooperation with TU Delft. Antal Baggerman (TU Delft) and Rinke Zonneveld (InnovationQuarter) gave a presentation on the strengths of TU Delft and the West Holland region as a whole.

This side event drew about 20 attendees, mostly high-level officials from American and Asian multinationals that have been present in the Dutch market for a while. After the presentations, the attendees were split up into smaller groups for a personal tour at the exhibition, to visit research projects that might have a link with the activities of their company.

We thank all the participants. We look forward to staying in touch and working together in the near future!