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InnovationQuarter backs €4.25 Million seed extension round to advance Pan Cancer T’s next-generation T cell therapies

Pan Cancer T B.V., a pioneering biotech start-up developing next-generation T cell therapies for solid cancer treatment, has successfully closed a €4.25 million Seed Extension round. This round includes a new investor InnovationQuarter Capital and continued support from existing investors: Van Herk Ventures, Thuja Capital, Swanbridge Capital and Erasmus MC O&O Holdings, bringing Pan Cancer T’s total funding to approximately €11 million.

As a result, Investment Manager of InnovationQuarter Nina Satih will take a Supervisory Board observer role. The Seed Extension Round will allow Pan Cancer T to complete preclinical studies for its lead TCR-T cell product, PCT1:CO-STIM, and progress CMC activities, thereby creating value and derisking the project. The funding will also support progression of earlier-stage pipeline projects targeting colorectal and ovarian cancers and the development of a second next generation engineering approach.

Rachel Abbott, CEO of Pan Cancer T:

“We are delighted to have closed this financing round with the support of InnovationQuarter and our existing investors. This enables us to advance our lead product toward the clinic, offering new hope for patients with triple negative breast cancer. It also provides a firm foundation to secure a Series A round within the coming year and seek business development partnerships with Biotech and Pharma collaborators to further develop our assets, including our TCR:CO-STIM platform that is applicable to other TCRs and tumour indications.” 

Kees Recourt, Senior Investment Manager at InnovationQuarter:

“InnovationQuarter is proud to invest in Pan Cancer T, contributing to the development of state-of-the-art cell therapies to combat hard-to-treat cancers. This investment not only supports the company but also strengthens the entrepreneurial Life Sciences and Health cluster in the Province of Zuid-Holland.”

About the science and technology
While adoptive T cell therapies have shown curative potential in blood cancers, their effectiveness in solid cancers remains constrained. A lack of solid cancer-specific targets limits the number of eligible patients, and the highly suppressive nature of the solid tumour microenvironment (TME) further limits the duration of clinical responses. Pan Cancer T, originating from Prof. Reno Debets’ lab at Erasmus Medical Center, provides solutions to these two major challenges.

Pan Cancer T’s lead clinical candidate, PCT1:CO-STIM, features an IP-protected T cell receptor (TCR), generated with the company’s validated TCR discovery platform, which is highly specific for ROPN1, a novel tumour-restricted target strongly expressed in over 90% of patients with triple negative breast cancer and melanoma. Moreover, it incorporates a proprietary TME solution, which provides co-stimulation to T cells, even in the hostile TME, resulting in significantly improved response duration in preclinical models.

About Pan Cancer T
Pan Cancer T was founded in late 2020 as a spin-off from Erasmus MC (Rotterdam, the Netherlands) to advance next generation TCR T cell therapies for hard-to-treat solid tumors. The Company’s approach includes two differentiating elements. First, it exploits unique targets for T cells that are exclusively and robustly expressed by multiple solid cancers. Second, it develops technologies that enhance the durability of the T cells. The Company has ongoing R&D programs to develop safe and effective adoptive T cell therapies amenable to large cohorts of patients with triple negative breast cancer as well as cancers of the bladder, ovarium, colorectum, prostate, skin, esophagus, lung, or brain. For more information, please visit: www.pancancer-t.com