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The Opportunities and Challenges in the new European Landscape

On May 15th during a visit to China InnovationQuarter, together with partners, organised an investment seminar for over 40 Chinese companies. The seminar had the theme ‘The Opportunities and Challenges in the New European Landscape’ and took place at the Shanghai Peace Hotel.

New European Landscape

The Brexit’s non-determinism, regardless of Brexit becoming a fact or not, will bring vibration to the EU. This presents a challenge to Chinese-funded enterprises in Europe and Chinese-funded enterprises interested in expanding to the European market. But at the same time it is an opportunity.

The Netherlands, as the gateway to Europe, has a strong reputation in technological innovations and an attractive investment environment. In recent years, the growth of Chinese companies in Europe was very successful. Not only the trade activities in Rotterdam, but also the technology companies in cooperation with the universities and science parks. For example, the Chinese company GenScript from Nanjing settled at the Leiden’s biotechnology park and developed rapidly in a short period of time.

Investment seminar

Together with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, InnovationQuarter has done a presentation on the foreign companies that moved to the Netherlands due to Brexit and provided insights into the investment environment in the Netherlands and the services we can provide.

Jintiancheng Law Firm introduced the investment possibilities for Chinese enterprises. Davao DAWO law firm and DBSP also presented their company and services at the event. All the discussed topics were received very well by all the attending companies.

During the event, the participants also introduced themselves. Each of the participating company introduced their overseas development plan, and some companies clearly stated that they want to invest in the Netherlands, hoping to get specific guidance. The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency and InnovationQuarter will help them with further steps. The event was successfully concluded with the release of the InnovationQuarter offical WeChat account.

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Xiaoling Sun

Xiaoling Sun

Senior Account Manager Asia