Toxys raises € 2 million financing for global expansion of its unique animal-free chemical safety tests

Toxys is an innovative Dutch biotech company that develops unique…

Toxys appoints four new Board members to accelerate business growth

Toxys BV is a biotech company based in Leiden, The Netherlands, that provides innovative, high-fidelity in vitrotoxicity screening solutions to identify carcinogenic and other hazardous properties of compounds for the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics and food industry. Today, Toxys announces the appointment of four new members of the Board of Directors (including an independent chairman and further independent and investor-based Board members). With the strengthened leadership, Toxys will further accelerate business growth to become an industry-leader in this critical safety field.

Toxys and Omnigen collaborate on MIT development project

Toxys and Omnigen have received a MIT grant for the development and extension of the ToxPlot software for animal-free chemical safety testing. With this grant, the ToxPlot analysis tool will be further developed to allow quantitative and hypothesis-free toxicity profiling of novel chemicals. Currently, ToxPlot is primarily used as an in-house tool at Toxys for data-analysis of ToxTracker results

Leiden investeert in innovatieve bedrijven

De gemeente Leiden stelt € 2 mln. beschikbaar voor investeringen in innovatieve bedrijven. Met de middelen wordt een kapitaalstorting van € 1 mln. gedaan in InnovationQuarter, de regionale ontwikkelingsmaatschappij van Zuid-Holland. Hiernaast treedt Leiden met een storting van € 1 mln. toe als aandeelhouder tot UNIIQ, een op initiatief van TU Delft, Universiteit Leiden, Erasmus MC en InnovationQuarter gestart proof-of-concept fonds.

Toxys has been awarded Innovation Credit to further develop ReproTracker

On September 20th, Toxys was awarded an Innovation Credit from RVO to accelerate the development of the ReproTracker assay. ReproTracker® is a state-of-the-art in vitro reporter assay to rapidly identify compounds that disturb stem cell differentiation and early embryonic development.

Toxys launches large international validation study for ToxTracker

Together with a consortium of leading experts in the field of genotoxicity, Toxys has started a large inter-laboratory validation study for their ToxTracker assay. With this study, Toxys aims to demonstrate the transferability, intra- and inter-laboratory reproducibility as well as the predictive capacity of the assay.