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ReliaSol, a global leader in AI-based predictive analytics for Smart Industry, transfers its headquarters to Rotterdam

ReliaSol, a global leader specialized in AI-based predictive analytics for the Smart Industry is expanding its footprint in Rotterdam. The Krakow-based company  aims to leverage its global expansion and further expand its customer base in Western Europe and beyond. The company provides solutions for data analysis based on artificial intelligence. ReliaSol serves a diverse set of manufacturing industries, including Energy, Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage. In these industries, ReliaSol helps its customers plan for just-in-time maintenance, preventing both unplanned and untimely downtime and advance operational excellence.

ReliaSol – unique combination of technology and expertise

ReliaSol aims to be a leading player in the global predictive maintenance market, which is growing at a rapid pace. In particular for companies where the continuity of operations is critical.

To stay competitive, smart industries need fast, high-quality information to make the right decisions at the right time. Our solutions help optimize operations and maximize profitability, says Régis Cazenave, CEO of ReliaSol.

The company, a spin-off from internationally renowned AGH Science & Technology University of Krakow, has introduced innovative solutions in the field of RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety), maintenance, and optimization of machine operating processes. By optimizing the operations of its customers, ReliaSol pursues to achieve a bigger goal, being “a world where innovation, technology, and information enable sustainable, efficient and socially responsible growth for the benefit and well being of everyone”.

ReliaSol has always maintained a strong link with academic research; and many of the Ph.D. candidates at ReliaSol have been collaborating with blue-chip Silicon Valley companies. ReliaSol is funded by international investors, such as EEC Magenta (Poland), Icos Capital (Netherlands), and Giza VC (Israel). More expansion outside Europe is to be expected; in the Americas, the Asia Pacific, and the Middle East.

Rotterdam: a hotspot for mission-driven AI

ReliaSol chose to expand to Rotterdam for several reasons. Régis Cazenave (CEO ReliaSol):

Rotterdam is a very industrial region; home to many leading industrial companies. Also, it is very centrally located between many other interesting hubs, both in the Netherlands and the rest of Western Europe. Another strong asset is the very favorable international business environment. And last but not least, technology companies are welcomed and promoted in Rotterdam; which is home to a thriving startup ecosystem. This was also greatly reflected by the great support from InnovationQuarter and Rotterdam Partners.

A recent report about the AI ecosystem in greater Rotterdam-The Hague pointed out that the Rotterdam region has evolved into a hotspot for mission-driven- AI. Many of the Port-related industries around Rotterdam, such as Energy, Chemicals, Food, and Manufacturing present great potential for the implementation of AI. Predictive maintenance in particular is highlighted as one of the more mature technologies; which is currently in the phase of successful implementation by the industry. Chris van Voorden, Director of Foreign Investments at InnovationQuarter: “predictive maintenance is a very hot topic for many companies in our region. We are very glad to welcome ReliaSol to contribute further to our regional AI ecosystem”.

A combination of technology and data science allows results that were unattainable five years ago. With more computing power and strong algorithms, maintenance has become so much more data-driven; and data is increasingly used to predict the future. This is exactly the space where RealiSol is active, and they call this „the art of prediction”. ReliaSol optimizes plant operations by providing their AI-based solutions and services; which increase efficiency and with that also the sustainability of existing operations.

Mateusz Marzec, founder of Reliasol: We are very excited to have relocated our headquarters to Rotterdam, and we are confident of a great mutual fit.

RSIMS platform – AI-based prediction for the smart Industry

The company’s proprietary cutting-edge AI algorithms enable breakthrough prediction accuracy (up to 96%) for a wide range of clients. Its RSIMS system, a Predictive Analytics Cloud Platform solution, which utilizes AI mechanisms to predict failures (and other adverse events in production plants), to optimize processes, to improve quality and safety, and reduce energy consumption. Apart from its accuracy of prediction, RSIMS is distinguished by a short Time-to-Value period and a proven track record of successful implementations. RSIMS fits perfectly into the digitization process of industrial manufacturers.

Régis Cazenave, CEO ReliaSol: “Our solution is a perfect fit for companies that already started their digital journey and collecting data, and want to take a step further – optimize their processes, improve quality, and predict failures. RSIMS supports in making the optimal decision and gives recommendations for operations and maintenance based on provided data”.

Plans for further international growth and expansion

With the hiring of Régis Cazenave; an international executive with a successful track record of new business development, ReliaSol is scaling up operations and geographical expansion across the globe.

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