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Invest in Holland at first GFIA in Europe

Invest in Holland, the collaborative acquisition network aimed at attracting foreign companies, took part in the first European edition of the Global Forum for Innovation in Agriculture (GFIA) in Utrecht on 9 and 10 May. This was the first time the international agricultural fair had been held in the Netherlands. Abu Dhabi had hosted the event for the past four years.

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Networking opportunity

The fair focused on the entire spectrum of topics relevant to the agriculture industry, including climate change, biotechnology, IT, big data, machinery, horticulture, energy and water management.

InnovationQuarter participated in events at the Invest in Holland pavilion, which attracted many visitors. It was an excellent opportunity to establish and strengthen links with international companies in the horticulture and agriculture sector. Enterprise Europe Network organised a matching programme to help participants form new contacts.

Workshops on Dutch innovations

Invest in Holland’s collaborating partners invited innovative Dutch companies and knowledge institutions to demonstrate the Netherlands’ strengths in agri-food and horticulture during the Invest in Holland workshops. The ‘Dutch innovations in the dairy sector’ workshop provided an opportunity for experts from industry and government to speak about various topics, including innovations that allow milk to be concentrated on the farm to avoid unnecessary water transport. Beladon, from the province of South Holland, gave a presentation on the Floating Farm. This farm is being built in Rotterdam and will produce and treat fresh milk close to consumers in the city centre, thereby reducing transport and making logistics more efficient. A transparent, environment-friendly farm that floats on water, visitors will be able to gain insight into the entire milk treatment process, animal welfare and high-tech robotics.

During the workshop ‘Innovations with impact, the Dutch approach’, Wageningen Campus described how the Campus ecosystem had been developed. The ecosystem facilitates cooperation between researchers and entrepreneurs, who gain access to cutting-edge research infrastructure and are able to successfully develop new ideas. Finally, Invest in Holland explained how it can help international companies benefit from this Dutch agri-food ecosystem.