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World leader Neste expands Rotterdam refinery (€ 190 mln) for production Sustainable Aviation Fuels

It was in 2019 that The Netherlands began writing a proposition and today Neste’s made the Final Investment Decision: Rotterdam will be the location in Europe where Neste is producing Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF). The company invests € 190 million in order to modify its existing Rotterdam refinery for the production of Sustainable Aviation Fuels. The investment not only means a boost for the economy and employment, but also puts the biobased ecosystem in the Greater Rotterdam-The Hague Area firmly on the map. Neste wants the Netherlands to become the Renewable Aviation Headquarter that will drive commercial business activities for sustainable biokerosene worldwide. By 2023, the Rotterdam refinery is expected to supply 500,000 tons/year of sustainable biokerosene.

NExBTL plant Neste Oil, Maasvlakte, Netherlands in commission for Technip

Currently, the Rotterdam refinery produces renewable diesel. Neste expects the expansion to be completed by 2023. By then, the site should be supplying 500,000 tons of SAF per year. The expansion increases Neste’s footprint in the Netherlands and marks the joint ambitions of the Port of Rotterdam, the Dutch government and Neste to become more sustainable. InnovationQuarter was involved in drafting the Dutch proposition.

Netherlands to be Neste’s Renewable Aviation Headquarter

Neste has now invested more than €700 million in its production facility in Rotterdam. Neste’s presence means 250 direct jobs, mainly in the Rotterdam area. Neste wants the Netherlands to become the Renewable Aviation Headquarter that will manage the commercial business activities for sustainable biokerosene worldwide. This will further increase direct and indirect employment.

Investment puts bio-based ecosystem of South Holland firmly on the map

The production of sustainable biokerosene also contributes to the development of supply chains for the sustainable raw materials and the production of new sustainable circular solutions. In addition to the direct economic impulse and job growth, the investment also contributes to the development of the biobased cluster in South Holland.

Investment in Rotterdam is step towards market leadership in circular solutions

“This SAF investment in Rotterdam is another important step for Neste in the execution of our growth strategy: to become a global leader in renewable and circular solutions. We have made a commitment to support our customers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least up to 20 million tons by 2030. And as the aviation industry is likely to resume on a growth trajectory after its recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a growing need and urgency to act on aviation-related emissions. Here sustainable aviation fuels offer considerable potential”, says Peter Vanacker, President and CEO at Neste.

About Neste

Neste is committed to actively contribute to a healthier planet for future generations through renewable and circular solutions. Neste’s strategy is focused on the development and production of renewable solutions for road transport, renewable solutions for aviation and renewable polymers and chemicals. Currently, Neste is one of the world’s largest producers of renewable fuels. Globally, 80% of Neste’s raw materials are made up of waste and residues, which results in a large CO2 reduction.