The West Holland life sciences & health hub is the largest in the Netherlands – and a leading hotspot for drug related research & development and medical technology. In this life sciences & health hub, big pharma multinationals, innovative SME’s and startups work closely together with government, universities and research institutes.

West Holland, where life sciences & health partners collaborate to innovate

Four hotspots are located in West Holland, each with its own unique profile and less than a 30 minute drive apart. In this unique delta region, Leiden Bio Science Park is a front runner in drug discovery and development, while Delft University of Technology is renowned for its engineering excellence and state of the art medical technology. Rotterdam, housing Erasmus MC, the largest academic medical centre in the Netherlands as well as a vibrant community of entrepreneurs provides a real-life testing ground for life sciences applications. The Hague is the go-to-destination for regulatory institutes, patents and cyber security. It is this diverse mix which provides the ideal circumstances for life sciences and health innovation to flourish in West Holland.

Key facts and figures

The West Holland life sciences & health hub is centered around our 3 universities and 2 academic medical centres: University of Leiden, Leiden University Medical Center, Erasmus University, Erasmus MC and Delft University of Technology. In our region, over 6000 students are enrolled in life sciences & health related curricula, making it an ideal source of highly educated talent.

More than 400 startups, scale-ups, SME as well as multinational corporates have settled here. Also, our region houses numerous high quality R&D facilities.

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