Scarcity of natural resources, climate change and future-proof energy sources are crucial challenges that form the base for numerous innovative developments in the transition towards an energy-neutral, waste-free and sustainable economy and society. West Holland greatly contributes to impactful solutions for these challenges to reduce the carbon footprint and provides profitable new market opportunities.

West Holland, a frontrunner in cleantech

Centered on the cities of Rotterdam and The Hague, the West Holland region is leading in the field of clean technology. With its highly qualified labor force and supportive infrastructure of leading research, test and pilot facilities education and industrial know-how, our region provides a top-notch, attractive business environment for multinational companies, SME’s and startups in clean technology.

West Holland is the delta region where international companies make big steps in innovation themes like energy saving, energy efficiency, mobility, renewable energy sources such as bio-mass, solar and wind energy, waste heat and reducing CO2 emissions. The internationally renowned Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) carries out world-class applied research on topics including biobased economy, energy storage, smart grids, wind turbines and solar energy.

The Port of Rotterdam has a key position in the production and supply of biofuels throughout Europe. The region, which is part of the biobased Delta, harbours prominent companies in biochemicals and biofuels and a strong knowledge base at the Biotech Campus Delft.

West Holland is strategically located between the most important European wind farms and markets and has a strong position in offshore engineering, which makes it an attractive location for companies active in offshore wind energy. The Port of Rotterdam is currently creating an Offshore Centre to accommodate new developments.

In the Automotive Disruption Radar 2017 of Roland Berger, the Netherlands was ranked 1st. With the high electronic vehicles sales and good charging infrastructure the Netherlands has for a long time held a good position with regard to innovation in the automotive sector. With the strong knowledge base and interest in autonomous driving the Netherlands stands out.

The latter is emphasized in the West Holland region by the recently established Researchlab Automated Driving Delft (RADD) at the TU Delft Campus. This initiative provides room for experimenting with automated transport in real life conditions. Additionally, the Metropolitan region Rotterdam The Hague (MRDH) has identified several locations for testing automated driving throughout the region.