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Rotterdam Port Fund and InnovationQuarter have acquired a majority interest in McNetiq bv, a Rotterdam technology company that has placed an innovative magnet anchoring on the market.


Ready for a growth spurt

McNetiq, founded in 2014, offers the patented and award-winning Controlock technology. This magnet application is the most secure, cost-efficient, durable and flexible temporary steel connection without the use of (temporary) welds. The Controlock is the first magnet that can be tested and used on different surfaces. It offers considerable advantages compared to traditional steel connections, such as drilling and welding.

With this investment, we can further strengthen our organisation and give the product development a powerful boost. – Willem van der Graaf, McNetiq

McNetiq is ready to launch their product on a larger scale. Participation in the World Port Accelerator PortXL in 2017 contributed to the acceleration of the development and professionalisation of the company and was followed by the entry of the Rotterdam Port Fund.

Boosting product development

The company McNetiq fits the investment profile of the Rotterdam Port Fund. “The potential of the Controlock technology has been proven and extensively tested,” says Frans van der Harst of the Rotterdam Port Fund. “We are excited to support the company in their ambition to apply the technology internationally to many new products to be developed, in different market segments.”

“We are very happy with our new partners,” says director Willem van der Graaf of McNetiq. “With this investment, we can further strengthen our organisation and give the product development a powerful boost. It’s also nice to see that the innovation ecosystem works in Rotterdam.”

“We have been in touch with McNetiq for a long time and see enormous potential in this technology. It’s fantastic to see that the company will make a growth spurt with this investment.  We will support the company’s growth from our wide range of activities.” Says Francis Quint, Head of Capital at InnovationQuarter.

The Rotterdam Port Fund is an independent investment fund that invest in innovative companies with in port-related activities with attractive market prospects. The fund is an initiative of the Port of Rotterdam Authority, NIBC Bank, InnovationQuarter, Koninklijke Doeksen and the Rotterdam entrepreneurs Peter Goedvolk and Luc Braams.

New management

McNetiq’s innovative Controlock magnetic anchors enable cost-effective and safe performance of maintenance and repair work in steel environments. The magnetic anchor points are used in a variety of markets, including for scaffolding in the offshore petrochemical and maritime industry.

With the investment of the Fund, the composition of the management team will change. It will consist of Willem van der Graaf (CEO), founder Edwin van der Heide (CCO) and founder Bas Gravendeel (CTO/CRO).