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Refineries more thoroughly inspected thanks to 5G: this is how EX Robotics does it

Sneak Preview!  

This week, we are at Do IoT Fieldlab with EX Robotics for the filming of our inspiration video. EX Robotics develops autonomous inspection robots for environments with the risk of explosion, such as oil refineries. The robots are used worldwide to carry out inspections without putting personnel in danger. 

5G test facilities at Do IoT Fieldlab  

The inspection robots work independently. The robot maps the refinery using lasers, cameras, and sensors to detect gases. With 4G, the robot is not able to transmit its data in real-time. EX Robotics has now succeeded in integrating 5G equipment and meeting the strictest safety requirements using the 5G test facilities at Do IoT Fieldlab. 

The latest generation of mobile communication (5G) offers great opportunities for the widespread adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT). The fast connections, high reliability, and short response times of 5G make it possible to bring new applications to market in various fields, including mobility, logistics, agriculture, health, and safety. Do IoT Fieldlab supports the development of such applications. 

With this video, we want to inspire entrepreneurs, scientists, and governments to work with us on the development of future technologies. 

Jos en Iwan tijdens filmopnames EX Robotics

Subsidy and support  

Want to know more about this interesting case and about the subsidy scheme for the 5G facilities at Do IoT Fieldlab? Read all about it on the Do IoT website. Are you curious about how you can experiment with the latest 5G technology? We have several 5G test locations in South Holland: DoIoT, Unmanned Valley, and The Green Village. Download the 5G guide here to stay up-to-date. 

For companies that want to develop and test 5G innovations in South Holland, assistance is available in the form of subsidies, matchmaking, and expertise.” 

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Jos Maccabiani

Senior Business Developer Digital Technology