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Numeric Biotech receives UNIIQ investment for therapy to reverse cellular aging mechanisms causing disease

Numeric Biotech, an Erasmus MC Spinoff company developing compounds against cell senescence, is receiving €300,000 from the UNIIQ investment fund and Erasmus MC. Cellular senescence is a fundamental component of aging that contributes to diseases of later life, including cancer, atherosclerosis and osteoarthritis. Using this investment, Numeric Biotech can make an important step forward in the development of its lead compound, NUM102. The investment was announced by Liduina Hammer, Fund Manager UNIIQ and Thijs Spigt, Director Erasmus MC TTO, during the UNIIQ Spring Live event in Leiden

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Senescence and cancer therapy

In the majority of cases, damaged human cells are cleared by the body’s own defence mechanisms. In some cases, however, such cells remain in the body. These so-called senescent cells play a major role in the aging process of the human body, and have been identified to cause disease. Numeric Biotech, in collaboration with Erasmus MC, has shown that their compound is able to selectively clear these senescent cells in mice and demonstrated reversal of the disease process.

The technology of Numeric Biotech has potential treatment applications for a number of diseases, but the company will first focus on oncological indications. “We believe that this important technology will contribute to a better understanding of clearing senescent cells from the human body”, says Hans van Berkum, co-founder and CEO of Numeric Biotech, “the support from UNIIQ allows us to further study age-related diseases and in particular the effect of our drug compounds for treatment of certain cancers.”

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UNIIQ Proof of Concept investment

“We are very enthusiastic about the opportunities for the technology developed at Numeric Biotech”, says Liduina Hammer, Fund manager at UNIIQ. “The field of senescence is rapidly developing and pre-clinical results have shown great potential for future treatments. We are confident that Numeric Biotech, in collaboration with excellent academic institutions such as Erasmus MC, can further improve patient treatment. UNIIQ focusses on investments with major potential impact and with this investment we have clearly found such potential”.

With the investment by UNIIQ and Erasmus MC, Numeric Biotech will be able to further develop their drug compounds in order to perform additional pre-clinical experiments, necessary for the product to enter clinical trials. Numeric Biotech has a worldwide exclusive license from Erasmus MC covering the substance FOXO4-DRI including a wide range of variations.