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Magnitude Space becomes Hiber and opens a new R&D center in Delft

The Amsterdam satellite startup Magnitude Space opens the doors of its new R&D Center in Delft today. At the opening, the company revealed also its rebranding, including a name change into Hiber. The new office marks an essential development of the Dutch high tech and satellite industry and turns the Delft region into a Small-Sat Delta.

Magnitude Space wordt Hiber en opent nieuw R&D Centrum Delft

Rebranding: Magnitude Space becomes Hiber

Dutch satellite company Magnitude Space is rebranding under a new name, Hiber, to reflect the importance of the launch of its new Low Power Global Area Network (LPGAN) in 2018. According to Hiber, the LPGAN represents the company’s transition to a “global internet service company” rather than one focused exclusively on space.

Helping tackle climate change, grow crops more efficiently, manage natural resources better, and even protect wild animals are just a few of the company’s goals. Hiber’s LPGAN service delivers affordable access to their global satellite network and allows data to be easily and cheaply transferred via the internet from the remotest locations.

‘To that end, Hiber is no longer a ‘space’ company. We are an ‘Earth’ company. Our mission is to work with and enable business partners and individuals wherever they are on our beautiful planet,” said Hiber Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ernst Peter Hovinga.

According to Hiber, the new name also highlights the technology at the core of its LGPAN, as the modem “hibernates” until a satellite passes over to downlink data.

Opening Hiber R&D Center – Small Sat Delta

Hiber recently opened a new Research and Development (R&D) center in Delft Working in collaboration with Hyperion and ISISpace, the teams at Delft will develop software and hardware for enhanced connectivity and facilitate the launch of even more satellites, Hiber stated.


Source / Hiber / Satellite Today