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Family-owned company Oxy-Low receives growth capital for environmentally friendly pest control solutions

The degradation of food products by insects causes major losses to farmers, traders, manufacturers, exporters and importers. Oxy-Low serves the global market with biological pest control solutions that are not harmful to people and the environment and which help preserve product quality. The company has received growth capital from InnovationQuarter to diversify its international product portfolio. King’s Commissioner for the province of Zuid-Holland Jaap Smit announced the investment on 29 June at the ERIAFF conference in The Hague.
Oxy-Low ontvangt groeifinanciering voor milieuvriendelijke oplossingen voor ongediertebestrijding

From left to right: Jaap Smit (commissaris van de Koning in de provincie Zuid-Holland), Sanne van Rennes (Oxy-Low) en Pieter van Rennes (Oxy-Low)

The new standard in pest control

Based in Numansdorp, Oxy-Low was founded in 2008 by two entrepreneurs with a proven track record in alternative insect treatment methods based on the principles of modified and controlled atmosphere. In 2014, the company was passed on to Sanne and Pieter van Rennes, the next generation. Since then, Oxy-Low has successfully commercialised the application of low oxygen technology for use in innovative, patented packaging machines and controlled atmosphere chambers.

Oxy-Low specialises in alternative, biological pest control methods and the high-quality preservation of food and non-food commodities. By exposing products to low oxygen levels, insects are killed and the use of toxic pesticides is avoided. The Oxy-Low Modified Atmosphere packaging line also provides protection against insect re-infestation and the degradation of product quality.

The technology offers many advantages over alternative packaging and pest control methods, such as vacuum and freezing treatments and toxic fumigation. Moreover, Oxy-Low’s environmentally friendly solution is more effective than vacuum packaging in preserving the quality of the packaged product. The integrated energy saving system, short treatment times and reduction of product recalls also mean that the method is often cheaper.

Oxy-Low ontvangt groeifinanciering voor milieuvriendelijke oplossingen voor ongediertebestrijding

From left to right: Carolien Sants (InnovationQuarter), Jaap Smit (commissaris van de Koning in de provincie Zuid-Holland), Sanne van Rennes (Oxy-Low), Pieter van Rennes (Oxy-Low), Francis Quint (InnovationQuarter) en Martien Kuunders (InnovationQuarter)

Global player with an expanding product portfolio

Oxy-Low is a global player and offers SMART solutions developed from years of extensive research conducted in collaboration with companies in different agricultural sectors. International customers use Oxy-Low’s solutions to treat, package, transport and store various food and non-food commodities. As insect infestation and quality degradation are big problems in countries with hot and humid climates, Asia, the Middle East, South America and Africa are attractive markets.
In association with a strategic partner and an angel investor, InnovationQuarter has provided Oxy-Low with a capital injection that will help the company accelerate international growth and expand its product portfolio. In return, the investors will acquire a significant minority interest in Oxy-Low. Part of the investment will be used to expand the technical team. By focusing on product research and development, the company will be able to treat and package ever-larger volumes in an industrial setting. The research strategy also aims to make Oxy-Low solutions suitable for a wider range of commodities.

Oxy-Low Managing Director Sanne van Rennes:

With InnovationQuarter’s financial support, Oxy-Low will be able to take major steps in developing new and innovative high-end packaging systems. Oxy-Low endeavours to continuously improve its solutions so that it can help customers overcome current challenges in insect control and product quality preservation.

InnovationQuarter Head of Capital Francis Quint: “InnovationQuarter is pleased to be able to support a full range of SMEs through its investment fund. As a result of this investment, the profitable Oxy-Low family business will be able to expand its international activities and make great strides in developing its product portfolio.”

EFRO / European regional development fund of the European Union