Which impressive individual do you know that has technical expertise, wants to start a business and is still looking for the right co-founder? They could be eligible for Firmhouse Venture Lab. What’s in it for them? Expert guidance, being part of a cohort with numerous potential co-founders, and a high chance at raising 50k investment at the end of the program.

Venture Lab Program

We’re launching the second edition of Firmhouse Venture Lab, a 3.5 month program for individual entrepreneurs that takes place in Rotterdam between November ‘18 and March ‘19.

Within 4 months, we’ll bring a cohort of 12 entrepreneurs together, help them meet the right co-founder(s) and guide them in building a company that gains immediate traction. At least two startups that emerge from the program will receive a 50.000 Euro investment.

A program for the entrepreneur, not the startup

Just in case you’re considering to apply, here are again a list of reasons when and why you should do so:

•You’re an entrepreneur, but you didn’t stumble upon a great idea yet.
•You’ve been running a side project and want to turn it into a business with a good team of co-founders.
•You recently started a business and realized you need co-founders to complement you on your skills or expertise.
•You’re a maker, developer, designer and are ready to join in on someone with a great idea and make that happen.

Firmhouse Venture Lab is the only program in which you have the flexibility – but not the obligation – to change your mind while in the program.

If you thought your idea was great, but it’s not working out there will be plenty of others around you who are happy to take you in. We actually encourage you to keep your options open a little longer, so you can weigh your opportunity cost before committing to anything definitively.

Also, at the end of the program you can either help us set up your company, take the investment and/or walk away altogether, no strings attached.

UNIIQ as additional investor

Firmhouse is adding partner investors during the program, amongst whom is proof-of-concept fund UNIIQ. UNIIQ supports Firmhouse in the pre-selection round and offers advice to participating entrepreneurs getting investor ready.

Other additional investors in the program are JIT Investments and Arches Capital.

Next to the committed tickets from Firmhouse, they’re looking for promising start-ups that meet their selection criteria for investing. Their team will be helping the participants get investor ready during the program.

We’re in progressed talks with several other investors as well. In this way the chances of getting investment increase tremendously for the participants.


Apply here! Applications are open until October 31st.

Eligible applicants bring specific technical skills and prove agility, aptitude and maker capacity.

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  • Liduina Hammer
  • Fondsmanager UNIIQ