The Codex4SMEs consortium proudly announces the opening of the call for applications for sample access & knowledge transfer services provided by the Biobank of Graz.

Codex4SMEs - Companion Diagnostics expedited for SMEs

Potential interested SMEs have the opportunity to apply NOW for these services continously within an open call by filling in the relevant application forms listed in the tab “support scheme” on the website. Please note that the project will offer a limited number of sample access and knowledge transfer services in total!

The first call for applications for the biomarker validation award will open on October 15th, 2018.

Potential interested SMEs will have the opportunity to apply for a biomarker validation service until December 14th, 2018 by filling in the relevant application form listed in the tab “support scheme” on the CODEX4SME’s website.

Codex4SMEs - Companion Diagnostics expedited for SMEs

Project Summary – The Interreg project

Codex4SMEs (Companion diagnostics expedited for small and medium-sized businesses) project plans to improve healthcare by enhanced adoption of Personalized Medicine in North-West Europe. The objective is to establish a network, which supports SMEs along the value chain of Companion diagnostics (Cdx) development.

Companion diagnostics (Cdx) are an indispensable tool for optimum application of Personalized Medicine: they allow tests to determine the molecular causes of a disease before treatment has started. However, thus far the development of companion diagnostics has been highly time-consuming and costly, so at present it is only used in the context of very few treatments.

Codex4SMEs will establish a transnational network of nine partners and two sub-partners from seven countries and expedite the development of the SMEs’ products in the field of Cdx. There is a need to improve SMEs‘ innovative capabilities and raise both international competitiveness and the impact of North-West Europe SMEs in this global market as the USA are far ahead – Codex4SMEs will directly address this challenge.

Benefits for SMEs

Access to:

  • Sample access service
  • biomarker validation service
  • knowledge transfer service of biomarker/biobanking
  • ecosystems from 11 partners
  • transnational roadshow to venture and large pharma companies
  • business model and expert access service for business growth and scaling
  • Tailored support dependent from the product TRL levels of the SMEs

Take a look at the video made of the Roadshow in Germany earlier this year:

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