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Economic mission of the Province of Zuid-Holland to China

Mr. Jaap Smit, King’s Commissioner in the Province of Zuid-Holland, led an economic and trade mission to China from 4 June to 9 June 2017. InnovationQuarter, together with Dutch companies, research institutes and the Municipality of Westland - in total over 25 people - joined the mission.

West Holland doing business with China

Doing business with China

The purpose of the mission was sharing the regional knowledge, strengthening economic ties and the acquisition of Chinese companies to invest in Zuid-Holland. The economic and trade mission focused on the sectors horticulture, sustainable urban development, water and soil. The delegation visited Beijing, Shanghai, Shijiazhuang and Dezhou.


In Beijing Mr. Jaap Smit has visited the companies Elion Group and Twenty First Century Aerospace Technology (21 AT). Elion group is planning to set up an R&D center in the Netherlands. they also intend to invest in a Dutch company. The chairman Mr. Wang shared his business strategy with the delegation.

21 Century Aerospace has the intention to set up a European headquarters in the Netherlands, London or Paris. Mr. Smit welcomed the company to invest in the Province of Zuid-Holland with the help of InnovationQuarter and The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA).

In Beijing the City of Westland also visited the headoffice of IEDA Agrigarden – a current investor in Westland and the academic horticulture institute CAAS.


In Dezhou InnovationQuater supported the city of Westland  to establish an economic sister relationship with the City of Dezhou. Last year September a provincial delegation already visited Dezhou to kick of a Dutch greenhouse project. The Mayor of Dezhou, Mr. Chen Fei clearly indicated that they would like to strengthen cooperation with Municipality of Westland and Dutch Horticulture companies.  Hoogendoorn has offered a first pilot system to Dezhou.


In Shijiazhuang the 10 years relationship between the province of south Holland and Hebei province was celebrated. Mr. Xu Qin, the new governor of Hebei province met Mr. Smit. They both emphasize to bring the relationship to the next decades.

21 Century Aerospace has the intention to set up a European headquarters in the Netherlands

Business event in Shanghai

The highlight of the mission was a business event in Shanghai. InnovationQuarter teamed up with Province of Zuid-Holland, Invest Shanghai, NFIA and Rotterdam Partners to jointly organize ‘China – Netherlands Economic Cooperation Forum’ on 6 June in Shanghai.

Over 170 Chinese entrepreneurs attended the event, during which a number of Dutch and Chinese high officials and companies presented and with lots of time for networking. During the event, InnovationQuarter signed a MOU with the PQI Group.

During the China - Netherlands Economic Cooperation Forum, InnovationQuarter signed a MOU with the PQI Group

PQI Industrial Technology Group is a leading innovative company. They are the pioneer in innovative sectors and invest in innovative industrial developments.  The group has a registered capital of 500 million yuan. The total number of employees is about 1100 people, with a turnover of turnover of about 2.6 billion yuan in 2016. PQI Group includes more than 20 holding companies. They are active in a number of sectors: urban space operations (incubator, science park, typical town), Internet technology, robotics and smart intelligence, auto parts, investment, culture and education.

PQI Group has the intention to establish a B.V. in the Netherlands (Zuid-Holland), with the assistance of InnovationQuarter. They will use this new Dutch entity as a European base  for amongst others the scouting of Dutch and European innovative companies to invest in.