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Dutch Office Locations Ranking 2017

Spring Real Estate publishes the Dutch Office Locations Ranking 2017. Their annual report provides investors a clear insight into the quality of office locations throughout the Netherlands. The Leiden Bio Science Park completes the Top 3.

Dutch Office Locations Ranking 2017

Leiden in Top 3

In the 2017 edition, Spring Real Estate investigated 145 office locations in 34 municipalities. Based on the lettability scores per location, the relationships between office locations have been determined. The winner of this years’ ranking is the Zuidelijke IJ-oever in Amsterdam. Just like the 2016 edition, there is a surprising top 3 ranking for the Bio Science Park in Leiden.

Dutch Office Locations Ranking

In addition to the lettability score per location, this report provides an overview of the key figures per office location and features stock, stock in construction, supply, take-up and rental prices. To provide a complete view on market dynamics, insight is given into the most prominent rental- and investment transactions per location.

You can find the complete ranking in this research below.


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