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Cybersecurity companies choose new target markets in 2nd Globaliser session

Recently, InnovationQuarter and DutchBasecamp hosted the second session of the Globaliser Cybersecurity. Supported by HSD, this 12-week program is dedicated to the international growth of cybersecurity scale-ups. Last month, the participants kicked-off the program with a first session on client segmentation. Discussing reasons to internationalise and creating detailed customer profiles set the stage for the second session of the program: the target markets analysis.

Globalizer innovationquarter-dutchbasecamp-the-hague-security-deltaDuring this session, key aspects such as re-evaluating USPs, selecting target markets, and determining key indicators for market attractiveness were discussed. These are all fundamental concepts in making an educated decision on which countries to start doing business in. Yet, the session was also largely focused on finding the right balance between conscious choices and entrepreneurial gut feeling. Matthijs Blokker, director at The Hague-based company MMOX found this a specifically important aspect of this Globaliser session, and commented: “I am very happy with the structural approach of the sessions so far; the Globaliser helps me to translate my entrepreneurial intuition into conscious market choices”. As a reoccurring theme in the Globaliser, finding the right balance is at the core of a sustainable international expansion.

MMOX and the rest of the participants left the session with more questions than answers. This is exactly what the Globaliser aims to achieve: re-thinking current structures and leaving the participants with ample food for thought for their journey towards internationalisation. In the upcoming session on March 24th, the participants will discuss the tools necessary to be able to answer these questions.