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Chinese medtech company Coriton to conquer Europe from Zoetermeer

Developer and manufacturer of medical instruments Shenzhen Coriton Instrument Co., Ltd. has opened a branch in Zoetermeer to better serve the European market. Sales, logistics and administrative tasks will be carried out from this office. Moreover, it is Coriton’s ambition to establish this location as a central service hub to other Chinese companies, so that knowledge and costs can be shared at European market entry. This offers the prospect of Zoetermeer to become an important hub from which Chinese companies can grow, with a positive boost to local employment as a result.

Strategic asset to the life sciences cluster in greater Rotterdam – The Hague

Founded in 2011, Coriton is a major player in the Chinese market, supplying a significant portion of the ventilation equipment for the Wuhan emergency hospital in the early days of the corona pandemic. The pandemic underscored the urgency for Coriton to internationalize and be closer to European customers. That is why the Dutch entity of Coriton, Umedwings BV, was established in May.

Product quality is an important core value of Coriton’s corporate philosophy. Through collaboration with TUV, an internationally recognized German certification organization, Coriton initially created a product quality control system that meets international standards, from product design, to testing, mass production and product changes. Coriton is therefore the only Chinese supplier of medical equipment with accreditation from the German TUV, ISO9001, FDA, and Huatongwei Rohs environmental testing.

Geolocation, logistics, collaboration and talent

Mr. Guo, founder and director of Coriton: “In the early phase of the plan to expand internationally, my choice was between the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. In doing so, I discovered that the Netherlands is at the intersection of the North Atlantic route and the European sea. Overlooking the North Sea, with the European continent on its back, it is known as the ‘gateway to Europe’. In addition, he says, the Netherlands has a well-developed logistics system, excellently connected airports, seaports and road transport routes, as well as an international and open business environment.

He also mentioned in particular the life sciences cluster in the Rotterdam-The Hague region. Medical Delta, a partnership between Erasmus University, Erasmus MC, TU Delft, Leiden University and LUMC, offers the prospect of great collaborations and ensures the growth of technically and medically trained talent. That is why the first location, Coriton’s European headquarters is located in Zoetermeer. As the company grows, its product design activities and R&D partnerships will also be located in Europe.

The Coriton location is also a nice addition to the companies that are already part of the (e-) health and care cluster within Zoetermeer. In addition, the Dutch Innovation Park in Zoetermeer offers numerous opportunities for partnerships with other innovative companies and the IT and Design Faculty of The Haagse Hogeschool (Academy for IT and Design of The Hague University of Applied Sciences)

Plans for the future

With the assistance of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) and InnovationQuarter, the Dutch entity of Coriton, Umedwings BV has been successfully established in Zoetermeer. Mr. Guo states that the assistance has strengthened his confidence in investing in the Netherlands and has accelerated the localization of the Dutch BV. He hopes to continue working with NFIA and InnovationQuarter in the future, so that Coriton can continue to explore and develop the path of internationalization.

Sasja Heijman