RoboHouse is RoboValley’s fieldlab where manufacturing companies and innovative organisations can discover the possibilities cognitive robotics offer, develop their own applications and test them in an industrial setting.

Robohouse: discover, develop and test

What can you do in RoboHouse?

  • Discover
    Take a tour with your management through RoboHouse or book an inspiring hands-on workshop to understand how your organisation can implement intelligent robotics. Define the processes, products or propositions that will be impacted by robotics.
  • Develop
    Create your own advanced robotics application. Follow a course in RoboHouse. We will offer courses on a variety of subjects, for example applying TensorFlow (deep learning) in ROS (open-source Robot Operating System).
  • Test
    Find out how your idea or concept works by using the RoboHouse test centre. We offer various workplaces, well-equipped for different technologies (e.g. vision, grippers, navigation and interaction).