The Hague Tech, a new community in the heart of the city, where creative talent, businesses, government and research institutions work together. Their goal is to fire up your tech ideas that will change society. Right in the heart of Dutch decisionmaking action.

The Hague Tech

Are you an entrepreneur with an appetite for innovation? Do you need more than a top notch office with ditto espresso machine? And want to be part of the most fast growing tech-community in The Hague? Join The Hague Tech community, 11,000 m² of genius, know-how and can-do.

The Hague Tech brings together talented people. Those creative minds, engineers and saleswomen needed to get things done. Combined with investors, government officials, CEOs, students, employees, coaches, colleagues, friends, fools & family The Hague Tech unlocks the perfect ecosystem for innovation.

Working in a winning location, right around the corner of the Dutch Parliament and Central Station. With The Hague’s business district on your left and university and colleges to your right. For more information, have a look at their brochure.

Accelerate your tech idea

The Hague’s first tech-community is on a mission to change the world. A place where ‘hipsters, hackers & hustlers’ gather to bring innovation to life.

“We believe collaboration can fire up tech ideas that will change society,” – Brian Gharibaan, one of our co-founders. In this interview he shares is ideas and vision about how the tech community in The Hague is doing and where it should be headed.