Entries by Willemien de Vogel

Dutch King opens Microsoft Quantum Lab on TU Delft campus

King Willem Alexander opened the Microsoft Quantum Lab on the campus of TU Delft. With the lab, Microsoft strengthens quantum research in Delft, a research area where TU Delft ranks among the world’s best. The QuTech Research Institute, a collaboration between TU Delft and TNO, is working with industry on the development of quantum computers and a quantum internet. Microsoft, which now has its own laboratory in Delft, is one of the most important companies that collaborates intensively with Delft quantum researchers

Finnish Quantum company Bluefors starts R&D site on Delft Campus

On 4 October during the Innovation Expo in Rotterdam, the Finnish company Bluefors announced that it will join the Delft quantum technology community and open an R&D office on the TU Delft campus. After Microsoft, Bluefors is the second international company to come to Delft. Their mission is to develop cryogenic technology for quantum computers. The Bluefors lab will be located in the old Applied Sciences building where QuTech is housed, the research center that has grown explosively over the last 5 years to over 200 fte.

No more burning risks as robots take over hazardous inspections

They look, listen, smell and feel for you, so that you no longer risk burning your fingers. The robots from ExRobotics are specially developed to conduct inspection and maintenance in highly inflammable and explosive (Ex) environments, removing the risk to people. Early September, ExRobotics will start manufacturing these robots in Delft for NAM, their launching customer. A salient piece of information: There are only one or two other companies in The World that are certified to produce Ex robots. ExRobotics will produce more Ex robots in 2018 than the other companies combined.

Autonomous delivery vehicles on pavements and in the air: these two companies from Qatar chose Rotterdam to make their innovation happen

A delivery service that doesn’t require deliverers anymore. If it’s up to the Qatar companies Airlift Systems and N-gon, drones will soon be the ones delivering the packages to your doorstep. Recently these two companies joined forces in a new company: Geeba. Airlift and Geeba have both set up office in Rotterdam to further develop their innovation.