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More Foreign Companies Invest in Holland in 2018: 10,000 extra jobs

A total of 372 foreign companies such as Giant, Timberland and DAZN generated 9,847 additional jobs in the Netherlands in 2018. Collectively, these companies contributed 2.85 billion euros to our economy. These jobs and investments are credited to the Invest in Holland network, which consists of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) – the investment promotion agency of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy – its regional partners (among which InnovationQuarter), and the Holland International Distribution Council (HIDC). In the previous year, 2017, 357 companies invested 1.67 billion euros in our country.

InnovationQuarter co-organized Chinese Family Day at CORPUS Leiden

On the 16th of September a ‘Chinese Family Day’ took place at CORPUS Leiden. The day was organized by InnovationQuarter, together with the Hague Business Agency (THBA), VCWI (Vereniging van Chinese Wetenschappers en Ingenieurs) and ACIEN (Association of Chinese Investment Enterprises in NL). More than 120 Chinese expats and their family participated in this event to experience a spectacular ‘journey through the human body’.

InnovationQuarter invests in Tiledmedia to significantly increase reach of Virtual Reality

During the Rotterdam Capital Days event today, Venture Café’s Executive Director Anoesjka Imambaks announced that InnovationQuarter has joined the group of investors in Dutch Virtual Reality start-up Tiledmedia. The Rotterdam-based spin-off from national research institute TNO enables a significant increase in the quality of Virtual Reality services and a reduction in the required bandwidth for streaming VR content. Tiledmedia’s ClearVR technology removes one of the biggest obstacles preventing Virtual Reality from becoming widely accessible. With the capital injection, which is further boosted by a recent innovation loan granted by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), Tiledmedia has close to € 2 mln. available for accelerating its development and expanding its sales and marketing activities

LeydenJar Technologies receives €1,5 million to develop their revolutionary battery technology

ECN spin-out LeydenJar Technologies received a capital injection of €1,5 million in total. This enables LeydenJar to further develop their innovation: a battery cell where the graphite anode is replaced with a 100% silicium anode. This improved Lithium Ion battery cell can store up to 50% more energy, revolutionizing further developments in wireless technology and electric driving.

Three South African companies open offices in The Hague region

Three South African companies have chosen The Hague and Leiden, cities in a unique delta region in the western part of Holland, as their next business opportunity in Europe. Yesterday during an official signing ceremony at the Volvo Ocean Race stopover in Cape Town, Hystead Limited, IoT.nxt, and NuvaLaw officially announced their expansion to The Hague region. The City of The Hague, The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), The Hague Business Agency, and InnovationQuarter are proud to have been actively involved in attracting South African companies to this region.

Woman’s Rights Network KARAMA Opens European Headquarters at HSD Campus International Centre

In The Hague, the International City of Peace, Justice and Security, the Arab Network for Women’s Rights, KARAMA, opened a new European office today. From the WTC The Hague and in the heart of The Hague IT community, KARAMA members are at risk of their lives against ISIS and Al Qaeda in Syria, Libya and Yemen, and fight for women’s rights in Arab countries. The Hague’s Deputy Major Saskia Bruines, together with Member of Dutch Parliament Han Ten Broeke, entrepreneur Ad Koole and Corinne Heijn of United Success and member of the Advisory Board Karama Europe, conducted the official opening. Also KARAMA activist Zahra Langhi was present at this festive opening.

Human Metabolome Technologies chose Leiden for its European office

Japanese firm Human Metabolome Technologies (HMT) has chosen Leiden for its European office and started operations July 1st 2017 at the Leiden Bio Science Park. This biotechnology company develops capillary electrophoresis mass spectrometry (CE-MS) based metabolomics technologies and solutions to drive drug discovery, diagnosis, and food production. At the opening ceremony HMT’s CEO Mr. Ryuji Kanno and Managing Director Mr. Tsutomu Hoshiba were presented a special plaque from Mayor Henri Lenferink to mark the occasion. The Ambassador of Japan, Mr. Hiroshi Inomata also gave a brief speech during the official opening ceremony.

IRM Systems secures capital to develop ‘IRM Smart Pipeline Data’ and accelerate international growth

IRM Systems B.V., a leading Pipeline Integrity Solutions company providing specialist services and engineering throughout the entire lifetime of pipeline systems (both onshore & offshore), has secured capital in total of € 1.5 million from amongst others the regional development agency InnovationQuarter to develop its newest, innovative product ‘IRM Smart Pipeline Data’ as well as to accelerate its international growth ambitions.

Family-owned company Oxy-Low receives growth capital for environmentally friendly pest control solutions

The degradation of food products by insects causes major losses to farmers, traders, manufacturers, exporters and importers. Oxy-Low serves the global market with biological pest control solutions that are not harmful to people and the environment and which help preserve product quality. The company has received growth capital from InnovationQuarter to diversify its international product portfolio. King’s Commissioner for the province of Zuid-Holland Jaap Smit announced the investment on 29 June at the ERIAFF conference in The Hague.

InnovationQuarter invests in innovations for the Greenport sector

Regional development agency InnovationQuarter is using its investment funds, IQCapital and UNIIQ, to invest in three West Holland companies whose innovations have a social impact in the agriculture and horticulture sectors. With this capital injection, Condi Food (technology for measuring the taste and freshness of food products), Longbloom (preservation of flowers with CO2 ‘waste’) and Oxy-Low (preservation of product quality using biological insect treatment methods) can take the next steps in their development.

Invest in Holland at first GFIA in Europe

Invest in Holland, the collaborative acquisition network aimed at attracting foreign companies, took part in the first European edition of the Global Forum for Innovation in Agriculture (GFIA) in Utrecht on 9 and 10 May. This was the first time the international agricultural fair had been held in the Netherlands. Abu Dhabi had hosted the event for the past four years.