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Cyber Mission Sweden 2023: Expanding Market Potential and Driving Collaborations

The Cyber Mission Sweden 2023, a cybersecurity conference organized by InnovationQuarter, Security Delta (HSD), and the Dutch Embassy in Sweden, took place from May 30th to June 1st. The event aimed to foster collaboration and concluded with a strengthened network of professionals in the field of cybersecurity. The mission aimed to explore the untapped market potential in Sweden and foster fruitful collaborations between international companies and Swedish counterparts. The event brought together industry leaders, experts, policymakers, and innovators from the Netherlands and Sweden, fostering an atmosphere of convergence, innovation, knowledge exchange, and potential partnerships.

Unveiling Opportunities in Sweden’s Cybersecurity Market

Sweden, often overlooked as a market, has recently intensified its cybersecurity efforts, igniting a surge of business opportunities. The nation’s commitment to digital protection has made it an attractive hub for international companies with demonstrated expertise in cybersecurity. Acting as a gateway to the Nordic cybersecurity market, Sweden’s strong links with the Netherlands, including government ties, knowledge institutions, and companies, set the stage for deeper collaborative endeavors. Gain further insights into Sweden’s cybersecurity market here.

Tracks and Highlights of the Cyber Mission

The program, led by Martine Koole and Meemee Ploem from InnovationQuarter, and Sigrid Westman from the NL Embassy, aimed to engage cybersecurity companies seeking market opportunities. Attendees had the chance to participate in stimulating discussions, informative presentations, business matchmaking, and networking events held in both Stockholm and Linköping, the capital of Östergötland County. This comprehensive program offered a platform for participants to explore the latest advancements and showcase their expertise across various areas, including digital technologies, investment strategies, data security solutions, cyber defense, and secure digital transformation. It fostered valuable connections with local stakeholders, contributing to an enriched network for all involved.

At the Dutch Embassy in Stockholm, participants from Arda, BlueFinch-ESBD, CRYPTAS, Cyber4Z and Secura/Bureau Veritas attended presentations provided by Business Sweden, Invest in Halland, Comex, Ericsson, Omegapoint, Clavister, MPWR Consulting and Seadot, followed by a joint dinner for the delegation.

Exploring Linköping: IndX, Cyberly, and Connectivity Innovations

During the visit, the delegation had the opportunity to explore Linköping Science Park, where they received informative presentations about the business district and two notable initiatives: Cyberly and IndX. Cyberly, a local cybersecurity cluster, facilitates knowledge exchange and fosters a strong and resilient business ecosystem among companies and experts in the region. The IndX initiative acts as a global startup arena, connecting innovative companies with four industrial giants: Väderstad, Husqvarna Group, Toyota Material Handling, and SAAB. The visit concluded with a presentation by Martin Helmfrid, the Head of Technology Strategy – Airframe and Vehicle Systems at SAAB. Furthermore, the delegation enjoyed a networking lunch with members of the Cyberly network, strengthening valuable connections. As part of the visit, they also had the opportunity to tour Actia, a leading technology company specializing in cutting-edge connectivity solutions, gaining insights into their technologies and services.

Building the Future: Collaborations and Growth

The Cyber Mission Sweden 2023 served as a catalyst for future advancements and collaborations in the field of cybersecurity. By harnessing the collective expertise and resources of participants, the event has set the stage for continued growth, fostering a strong partnership between the Dutch and Swedish cybersecurity ecosystems. As a result, InnovationQuarter and Security Delta (HSD) eagerly anticipate the arrival of a Swedish cybersecurity delegation to the Netherlands in the first week of October. This trade mission, organized by Business Sweden, will encompass a visit to the national cybersecurity cluster and ONE Conference in The Hague, further bolstering the bonds between the Swedish and Dutch communities.

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Martine Koole

Martine Koole

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