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Cybersecurity Companies Evaluate Market Decisions

As the Globaliser Cybersecurity reaches its halfway point, participants have attended three of the program’s sprints through which they have more constructively looked at their internationalization. Last week, the lessons learned revolved around validating assumptions about the foreign markets and targeted customers. Through a Q&A session with Marco Barkmeijer – entrepreneur en former CEO & Co-founder of successful cybersecurity company Securelink – the participants learned about important experiences from other internationally active cybersecurity entrepreneurs.

Ubiqu is a Rotterdam-based cybersecurity company that offers full security against all possible types of digital fraud. Think about an all-digital experience when buying your house, or crossing borders with only your mobile phone as identification. Ubiqu has revolutionized digital identification by adding the same level of assurance to every digital transaction as would displaying an ID in person; all on a mobile phone. Ubiqu’s is active in Netherlands, Germany, Finland and Italy and selling in the whole of Europe.

Thus far, the Globaliser has been particularly interesting for Ubiqu for identifying its ideal customers. At last week’s session, the Globaliser touched upon interpreting the results of the Market Opportunity Analysis, and is meant to ensure that decisions are based upon reliable data. For Ubiqu, the session helped demonstrate that they need to improve their awareness and education material. The next step in the Globalizer programme is to make the first draft of their Go-To-Market-Strategy.

During the session, it was also discussed how InnovationQuarter can help SMEs in this process. At InnovationQuarter, ​knowledge and data-based decision making is one of the foundations of our work. Through research on foreign markets, sector development analyses,​ and our global network, we can offer companies market intelligence to foster the internationalization process.

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