InnovationQuarter is the regional economic development agency for the South Holland province in the Netherlands. The mission of InnovationQuarter is to strengthen the regional economy by supporting and stimulating the innovation potential of the area. In close cooperation with all major corporations, educational and research institutions - like the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Delft University of Technology and Leiden University - and government organisations, InnovationQuarter supports technological developments, encourages entrepreneurship and invests in startup companies.

As foreign direct investments play a key role to reach this objective, InnovationQuarter has a dedicated team in place to actively promote the region, attract foreign companies and investors and facilitate them in finding the right locations and facilities for setting-up or expanding business in West Holland. We connect you with our tailor-made know-how and key networks especially in sectors such as Life Sciences & Health, Cleantech (including Water & Deltatechnology, Biobased Economy, Sustainable Energy, Industrial Biotech), Safety & Security, Horticulture & Agrifood, Hightech Systems and Maritime Industry.

What can InnovationQuarter do for you?

InnovationQuarter has a dedicated, inward promotion team in place to facilitate you in finding the right locations and facilities for setting-up or expanding your business in West Holland. We help you with our services, know-how and networks.

  • Detailed information – we will provide you with all the information you need regarding the Dutch national and regional business climates, such as labor market, taxation, real estate, incentives.
  • Extensive networks – we will facilitate introductions to our extensive networks, which include both the private and the public sector.
  • Site selection – we will facilitate and organize your fact finding trip on the ground, arrange customised meetings and personally guide you through the procedures of setting-up your business and the complete site selection process within our region.
  • R&D matchmaking services – we will help facilitate connections to collaboration partners, research institutes, test facilities, or companies.
  • Investor relations – we will continue to support you as your business moves through all phases of growth, expansion or relocation.

Our services are provided on a confidential basis and free of charge – as our organisation is financed by government partners.

About West Holland

The West Holland region is home to a population of 3.5 million and a labor force of 1.6 million people. The region, which includes the cities of The Hague, Rotterdam, Delft and Leiden, is one of the most densely populated areas in the Netherlands. West Holland’s gross regional product of € 123.1 billion, or € 34,883 per capita, makes up 20.9% of the total GDP of our country.

West Holland is very well connected to the rest of the world with direct train connections to major European capitals, two international airports and the Port of Rotterdam; Europe’s largest port, covering 105 square kilometres (41 sq mi) and stretching over a distance of 40 kilometres (25 mi) facilitates the needs of Western Europe and beyond.

West Holland: chosen as the location of preference by the most foreign investors

Over 2,250 foreign companies have chosen West Holland as their strategic base to do business throughout Europe, Middle-East and Africa.

West Holland offers the best solutions to innovative foreign companies

Successful companies choose to be in West Holland because of many reasons, among others the region’s highly qualified labor force and well developed infrastructure. These factors support corporations in doing business in many industry sectors.

Business activities in West Holland

Whatever your future European business activities, the West Holland region is able to offer the best solutions for your company.

Research & Development

Businesses that are heavily involved in R&D also need to be in environments that value their work. In West Holland, world-class universities, supportive government authorities, venture capital and a dynamic business community, stimulate collaborations and ensure that companies have the knowledge and resources to turn innovation into bottom-line results. Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) is ranked among the top technological universities worldwide. Leiden Bio Science Park (LBSP), next to Leiden University, is among the top 5 most successful science parks in Europe. The Erasmus Medical Centre (Erasmus MC) is the largest of the eight university medical centers in the Netherlands and the leading clinical research center in Europe. The Rotterdam Science Tower is an up and coming medical hotspot in our region.

European Headquarters

Within a neutral, pro-business and economically stable country, West Holland offers your company a perfect climate to successfully compete in Europe. A supportive corporate tax structure leads the way and is complemented by a multilingual and talented labor force, an excellent logistics and digital infrastructure and an excellent quality of life. Not to mention strategic location. Our region puts you at Europe’s front door through Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, voted best airport in Europe 18 times, the Port of Rotterdam and Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

Marketing & Sales

In recent years, West Holland has solidly established itself as an excellent location for foreign-owned marketing and sales operations, due to its strategic location and pro-business environment. West Holland offers your company easy access to the European market place and beyond, availability of multilingual, multi-skilled employees and an excellent logistics and digital infrastructure. A number of business centers with flexible office contracts are available to make it easy for your company to start quickly and grow.


There’s no better way to access Europe than through its front door – the Netherlands. Its strategic location, highly developed transportation and IT infrastructure, efficient customs authorities, and logistics professionals will help expedite your company’s success. West Holland specifically offers companies easy access to the European market place through the Port of Rotterdam, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and experienced logistics service providers.


Many foreign companies have set-up manufacturing in the Netherland due to a number of key factors, such as a productive and skilled workforce, proximity to markets in Europe, Middle-East and Africa, the Netherlands’ leading distribution and logistics infrastructure, an advanced network of suppliers and a conducive business environment.

Innovative clusters in West Holland

West Holland is home to numerous different industry sectors and technology clusters, some of which have flourished in the area for centuries. What business is your company in? If you are looking to expand your business to mainland Europe, we invite you to take notice of the top 10 reasons (infographics) to invest and innovate in the West Holland region.

Life Sciences & Health

Medical Delta is a life sciences and medical technology cluster situated in the west of the Netherlands. The Leiden-Delft-Rotterdam region contains a remarkable and unique concentration of healthcare centers, companies and technological and scientific research institutes active in life sciences, biotech and medical technology. The cluster, centered around the Technical University of Delft, the University of Leiden, the Leiden University Medical Center, the University of Erasmus and the Erasmus University Medical Center offers many opportunities for R&D collaboration. Leiden Bio Science Park is home to the largest concentration of life sciences activities in The Netherlands, and is among the top bioscience parks in Europe. The Medical Delta cluster includes pioneering companies such as Jansen Biologics, Crucell, Mentor (all J & J companies) Forum Pharmaceuticals, 3M, Avery Denison, Toshiba Medical Systems, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Welch Allyn.


The region West Holland is leading in the field of clean technology. With its highly qualified labor force and supportive infrastructure of research, test and pilot facilities, education and industrial know-how, our region provides a top-notch, attractive business environment for multinational companies, SME’s and startups in clean technology. The area offers a tight network of internationally renowned scientists with a strong reputation for knowledge and expertise in sustainable energy, industrial biotech, sustainable delta technology, water treatment and water management. The Delft University of Technology performs world class research on topics including biobased economy, energy storage, smart grids, wind turbines and solar energy.

Prominent companies in biochemicals and biofuels are located in the region and the Port of Rotterdam has a key position in the production and supply of biofuels throughout Europe. West Holland is conveniently located between the most important European wind farms and markets and has a strong position in offshore engineering, which makes it an attractive location for supplying companies active in offshore wind energy. Leading international companies such as Abengoa, Jacobs and Neste Oil have already chosen West Holland as a major location for their European cleantech operations.

Safety & Security

Ranked among the top 4 United Nations cities in the world, the Hague has established a strong reputation in the field of Peace, Justice and Security. Some of the international organizations established in West Holland include the European Law Enforcement Organization (Europol), International Court of Justice, Eurojust, the European Centre for Conflict Prevention (ECCP) and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).


The region of West Holland houses the largest continuous greenhouse area of the world (Westland) and has a highly innovative horticulture cluster. The complete horticulture supply-chain is present and all links are strongly intertwined, leading to widespread collaboration and knowledge sharing. 80% of all horticulture innovation worldwide originates from the Netherlands and the region of West Holland holds the vast majority of Dutch innovative firms and organizations in horticulture. Leading greenhouse companies such as Priva, Koppert, RijkZwaan and FloraHolland are based in the region.

The Netherlands is an international trade hub in horticulture; 85% of all income in the sector is associated with export. The excellent transport infrastructure, with the Port of Rotterdam as the biggest fruit and vegetables harbour in Europe plays a key role in this. Leading research institutes concentrate in the region, such as the Wageningen UR Research Centre for Greenhouse Horticulture which operates in close collaboration with local horticulture firms. There is an excellent network of testing and demonstration facilities, such as 7 thematic Innovation and Demonstration Centers. Other research institutes include the TNO and Leiden University’s Faculty of Plant Cell Biotechnology.
Foreign companies active in horticulture like Namu & Green and Shouguang Vegetable Industry Holding Group (CSV) have set up in the region to benefit from the opportunities.

Maritime Industry

The Dutch maritime sector has a very international focus and is highly competitive and innovative, especially in dredging, salvages services and terminal operation. More than two third of direct maritime employment is being created within the four Dutch port areas, of which half is located in the so-called Rijn- en Maasmond area within West Holland. The regional maritime industry includes shipbuilding and repair, pipeline and offshore installation, material and equipment suppliers, transportation and bunkering services as well as engineering and consultancy companies.

In addition, Rotterdam is home to an unique cluster of maritime and offshore services suppliers, including insurance, finance and legal.

Other important clusters in the West Holland region are Oil & Gas and Telecommunications: upstream oil and gas companies operating in exploration and production, several international engineering and consultancy firms, many national and international telecom operators’ European headquarters.

Map Europe / Netherlands / region West Holland

Why invest in Holland?

Working closely with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), we assist companies at every stage of establishing or expanding operations in the Netherlands and the province of South Holland in particular.

Since 2015, InnovationQuarter is part of their acquisition platform ‘Invest in Holland’. Invest in Holland is a partnership between all regional acquisition parties. Their primary role is to position and market the Dutch business climate. As well as this they assist foreign investors to settle in the Netherlands successfully.

For more information regarding locating or expanding your business in West Holland, please feel free to contact us. Our team will assist you in creating opportunities that support your business goals and introduce you with great pleasure to relevant contacts in the regional business networks.


InnovationQuarter is privaatrechtelijk georganiseerd, maar publiek gefinancierd. Onze aandeelhouders en financiers zijn naast het Ministerie van Economische Zaken regionale overheden, kennisinstellingen en medische centra.


Samenwerking is voor onze organisatie een van de belangrijkste uitgangspunten. Zo werken we samen met bedrijven, kennisinstellingen, cluster- en deltaorganisaties, incubators, financiers en investeerders, topsectoren en overheden aan een bruisend ecosysteem in de regio. Een aantal van onze samenwerkingspartners op een rij.